gsxr colors by year

Twelve-second quarter-miles from just 400cc that's what you need to know about Suzuki's GSX-R. For 2001, Suzuki introduced a new GSX-R model that replaced the largest and most powerful model of the GSX-R series sport bike, the GSX-R1100, with the all new GSX-R1000. You get race-derived aluminium frame and swingarm, top-drawer dual valve throttle intake, a new rear s...There are no major changes in the technical department for the 2007 MY GSX-R750, as this replica racer generation seems to have been able to comply with both the riders' and competition's demands for years in a row. The standard ABS introduces yet another deg...The 2014 MY GSX-R600 represents the new-generation of street-going sport bikes, a nifty heritage of more than 1 million Gixxers manufactured and an excellent testimony of motorcycle-making excellence. Its tiny pegs are high and are a nightmare on the road but they make sense on the track. More powerful. It was introduced at … But once set-up, despite its old-fashioned-looking frame. A machine designed and refined by a team of talented engineers working together to build a motorcycle that delivers Balanced Performance. On the tech side, the Limited Edition is identical to the base model, with 175 hp and 141 Nm of torque, sport program-derived aluminium frame an...One of the pinnacles fo high-displacement hyperbikes, the Hayabusa is also one of the benchmarks in the segment of blazing-fast sport-touring bikes. 1992 (N model) was mechanically the same but offered more ag...The GSX-R250 was born in 1987.

Suzuki GSX-R750 is a family of 750 cc sports motorcycles from Suzuki's GSX-R series of motorcycles.Looking like a Suzuki Endurance racer, it can be considered to be the first affordable, modern racer-replica suitable for road use. This limited run bike arrives in a a Marble Daytona Yellow/ Glass Sparkle Black livery you just can't get from anywhere else, and this is basically what sets it apart from the base model. Underneath the MotoGP-liveried fairing, the bike is identical to the base version and shares its upgrades. These two attributes have been the winning combination right from the early days of the model, while the recent developments of the bike only made it better. The bike's frame was also revised entirely, with a new architecture and a new swingarm, also accomm...The 2006 MY GSX-R750 introduces a tweaked engine which integrates a lot of changes aimed to provide weight reduction, optimum combustion efficiency and better power delivery. The bike's in-live 4-cylinder engine produces north of 100 horsepower which makes it nimble and exciting to ride, especially as the GSX-R600 is a rather lightweight machine. The bike's livery is a tribute to the original GSX-R750, the machine which started the sport bike ...Some say that the GSX-R1000 is in need of a major revamping job and might be true, as the bike remained almost unchanged fro quite a long run. The GSX-R1000 has been tested alongside the GSX-RR machine and even has borrowed some technologies from the actual prototype. The 2006 MY GSX-R600 is loaded with a new engine, which has passes through the same overhaul its bigger GSX-R750 brother got. If anything, the GSX-R750 is the sweet spot between the lightweight 600cc machines and the uncompromised performance of the liter-class bikes. It is the GSX-R of the middleweight class, a product of Suzuki´s legendary Integrated Design approach. Really hard use can show up weaknesses in t...The 2001 MY GSX-1300R Hayabusa carries on the sport heritage and continues to fascinate generations of riders. I'm shopping for my first Gixxer (selling the CBR) and am not a fan of the blue/white or black color schemes so would love to find a white/grey or the Daytona yellow color but am not sure which year model had what color options. Hydro-Turf; Sea-Doo Spark Parts; Sea-Doo 300 Parts ; Sea-Doo RXPX 260 Parts; Sea-Doo RXTX 260 Parts; Sea-Doo … Some of the technologies from MotoGP made it to the GSX-R600 in a form or another, such as the high-tech slipper clutchm Brembo monoblock caliper...Three decades after the introduction of the first GSX-R machine, the 2015 model year GSX-R750 carries on the racing heritage. Under the luxuriuous, aggressive bodywork, the GSX-R1000 is hiding a monstrous 999cc in-line 4 engine which can deliver 160 hp and whose 6-speed ...The 2001 year's GSX-R600 looks just like the 2000 year's GSX-R750, with only two differences: the unbraced arm and the conventional fork of the GSX-R600. The 2008 GSX-R750 also has a three way, on the fly engine mapping.

In fact, it's the closed circuit racing the GSX-R1000 has been built for, and the fact that Suzuki decided to add street-legal amenities to it is because Hamamatsu wanted you to see how sizzling hot t...The GSX-1300R Hayabusa ABS 50th Anniversary Edition celebrates half a century of bike-making in the house of Hamamatsu, a successful story which has covered anything from small beginner bikes to dirt machines, sport and all-rounder motorcycles for everyday use and highly-engineered beasts dominating the racing tracks around the world.

The GSX-R400 was the first mass produced light weight racer with a liquid cooled four cylinder engine. The bike got lighter and thus improved the power-to-weight ratio, dominating the class and providing an even more explosive performance. The Suzuki GSX-R400 feels very similar to its larger brother, but shrunk down. This allows the stock version of the 2009 MY GSX-R750 to replicate a lot of the race bike's character, especially as radial brakes, adjustable high-performance suspensions and on-the-fly...The 2009 MY GSX-R1000 enjoys the accolades the liter-class machine received in the AMA Superbike Championship but Hamamatsu is not idling. The 2001 MY GSX-R750 carries on the heritage of the older models, incorporating Suzuki's newest technologies and ready to take on anyone and anything on both circuit and the street.

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