harlequin rasbora tank mates

As you will discover in this article, virtually everything about the harlequins follows an easy course, and this is why they are recommended for beginners.Harlequin The body of this species has a hue of orange and silver, and the fins are usually lined with red. Do this slowly to avoid shock.Feed some nutrient-rich foods to your fish to prepare them for breeding. These leaves are highly essential for the reproduction process to go on smoothly; they provide a sort of shelter for the eggs that will be eventually laid.

Explore the world of these small but highly favored fish in this article as we take you through their behavioral pattern, dietary and tank requirements, breeding style, among other relevant issues.If ‘mischief‘ or ‘evil‘ is all that comes to mind whenever the word, ‘Harlequin‘ pops up then it is likely that you have not heard about or come across the harlequin rasbora.

So, you may have to do some damage control by euthanizing the stricken

Also, keep an eye on how they interact to make sure everyone is getting along.Harlequin Rasbora breeding can be a bit tricky. This fish is fairly hardy but they should only be added to tanks that have completed the aquarium nitrogen cycle. Because of their peaceful temper, they can make a good tank mate for any peaceful freshwater fish. And, you should not forget to affix a tank cover to keep They are undemanding, peaceful and thrive in a school of 6 –8. Plus, you may need to do water chemistry tests regularly to ascertain that the water parameters are within the range appropriate for their well-being.Upon obtaining a

Harlequin rasboras are distinctively marked out from other They are small in size, and a 20-litre should be perfect for by the disease-causing organism, harlequin rasboras will have their metallic It is worth mentioning that though harlequin rasboras are found swim at all water levels, their favorite level remains the middle layer.Harlequin rasboras are not tricky to take care of as they are not so demanding, and they are a hardy group of fish.

and pelvic fins – follow the orientation that is feasible in most cyprinids.An aspect of their appearance that cannot be missed out is the vibrant coloration that they possess. You should avoid most species that are larger than double the harlequin’s size as they will probably view them as a snack. Some aquarists have been successful with smaller groups or even bonded pairs. They also dwell in waterbodies with a considerable amount of humic acid as we have in swamp peat forest – they get to utilize the essential mineral content present in this habitat, but it is necessary to stress the fact that harlequin rasboras do not like water with high mineral content on the whole. If you want to give it that added boost of comfort, throw in some peat moss.

The caudal fin of the harlequin fish is forked and the other fins – pectoral To keep your fish happy, you need to keep the tank peaceful with smaller passive species.For the Harlequin Rasbora, it’s strength in numbers.

This is because inconsistent or fluctuating water chemistry may Harlequin Rasboras make excellent tank mates for bettas. delight to every aquarium enthusiasts; harlequin rasboras are truly worth them 2 – 3 times daily, but it is essential that you avoid putting more than Remember, these are schooling fish. After about 24 hours, the baby fish will emerge from their eggs. bottom most of the time. Harlequin rasbora habitats are rivers and streams of the Malay Archipelago, Thailand and Sumatra.

It goes the scientific name, Harlequin rasbora is native to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia; often seen inhabiting slow-moving rivers. do the necessary research once you notice any strange sign on the body of the Around 6 – 12 eggs are released by the female at a time, and they are capable of laying between 100 – 300 eggs within a couple of hours on the whole.

fish infected by the parasites will also readily rub its body against any hard Dropsy: …

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