hidden wheel lift tow truck

As the original manufacturers of our hidden two bar systems, we ensure the products we sell work to your expectations and provide the best value on the market.When you purchase a hidden wheel lift from us, you’ll receive friendly and attentive customer service and support from our dedicated and experienced staff. Slide in Wheel Lift vs. A Hidden Wheel Lift vs. A Wrecker. It’s an advanced version of our popular 3 Series system , and this innovative under-truck wheel lift attaches to the underbody of the pickup and stays hidden … With a much smaller truck and a maneuverable wheel lift, nearly any car can be retrieved quickly from any spot on the lot. A wrecker tow truck may also be outfitted with locking bins and storage areas for tools and equipment. Related: hidden wheel lift tow truck self loader wrecker wheel lift wrecker tow truck wrecker wheel lift tow truck wheel lift tow wrecker bed car trailer self loader wrecker. The simplest wheel lift is one built out of box channel and is adjustable. Its position also means that weight is more evenly distributed across the truck, resulting in improved safety and handling when compared to the hidden-wheel lift. So whether you need to repossess a car from an owner that’s overdue on payments or don’t want to be seen driving a tow truck to your day job, the Z Series is an innovative solution that can tow a vehicle in as little as 38 seconds.Additional benefits of investing in a self-loading wheel lift lift include:There are so many reasons to choose a self-loading wheel lift for your truck. For most repossession businesses, the slide-in tends to be the favorite. Many hidden wheel lifts require modification to the frame of the truck and have to be welded to the underbody to ensure they’re secure. If you’re familiar with wheel-lift style towing, then you know that both slide-in and hidden wheel lifts function in much the same way. The great thing about our tow lifts is the equipment is hidden when not in use and is easy to use. The hidden tow bar systems we manufacture easily install on ¾-ton trucks and larger. When a wrecker has reached its max mileage, there’s nothing more to do than just purchase a new wrecker. Either There’s peace of mind ordering car towing equipment from a source that stands behind its products and is 100% dedicated to your satisfaction. The 3 Series slide-in wheel lifts deliver a cost-effective way to get the professional towing capabilities you require without having to purchase a traditional tow truck. The tow equipment attaches to the underbody of the truck and stays hidden when not in use. $1.00. Though there is a bit of assembly, a slide-in wheel lift doesn’t require any frame reinforcement. If you’re in our Central PA area, give us a call to schedule a professional installation from our trained technicians.Lift and Tow specializes in simplifying the towing process with our hidden wheel lift systems that are easy to use and that can tow a car in as little as 35 seconds. Interested in a tow truck wheel lift that’s simple to attach and easy to use?

Lift and Tow designs, manufactures and distributes wheel lift towing equipment that’s easy to install, stays hidden when not in use and provides quick and easy loading. Wreckers are great for heavy-duty towing and are most often seen in applications like roadside assistance or accident removal. Our innovative Z Series truck and car self-loader repo unit is a tow driver’s best friend, delivering a cost-effective solution that improves safety, speeds up the towing process and eliminates manual labor.Lift and Tow’s Z Series system makes it possible to perform a tow job without leaving the comfort of your driver’s seat. Our wheel lifts ship with everything you need, including hardware and optional accessories for a do-it-yourself-installation. Two wheels of the tow-vehicle roll on the road while transporting. This extra wear can shorten the lifespan of a hidden wheel lift when compared to a slide-in wheel lift. When choosing between a wrecker tow truck and a roll-back model or other tow truck type, it … Simply back up to the bumper of the vehicle you need to tow and push the button on the remote control. Made with durable, heavy-duty materials right here in the U.S.A., these tow lifts for pickup trucks can lift up to 4,000 lbs and tow as much as 8,000 lbs. What’s more, a slide-in wheel lift offers versatility that a wrecker cannot. There are a few different versions of wreckers or tow trucks, the most common being the flatbed tow truck.

Since the slide-in wheel lift sits on top of the truck, it’s not subject to the same harsh conditions an under-mount wheel lift experiences, which means it often has a longer life. Find Hidden Tow Truck Lift at the best price . Magnum III Wheel Lift. Minute Man Wheel Lifts Kryptek Hat – SHIPS FREE $ 29.00 $ 20.00 Read more; Sale! Contact Us. This makes picking up vehicles from tight spaces easy, and it also makes dropping off vehicles at impound lots a snap, saving your drivers time and getting them back out on the road faster. Minute Man Wheel Lifts Beanie Hat – SHIPS FREE $ 20.00 $ 15.00 Read more; MMO Spring Kit (#157) $ … Have more questions about the differences between a slide-in wheel lift vs a hidden wheel lift or a wrecker? The primary benefits of an underbody wheel lift are: 1) it’s out of sight and 2) it leaves plenty of space in the truck bed for normal use.

Just follow our detailed instructions or get assistance from your local mechanic. Turn your pickup into a tow truck with the Magnum Hydraulic Lift or Unilift / Slickster! All of our vehicle towing equipment ships with the necessary hardware you need to get your towing operation up and running. 0 bids. Lift and Tow is a reliable business you can trust for quality products that last and deliver an exceptional return on investment.

You have the option of Fabricating a wheel lift that you can use on the back of your truck or at home requires a lot of welding skills. Get My Wheel Lift. Whether you work in repossession or have a side business as a tow driver, our hidden tow system delivers the versatility, safety and performance you desire.At Lift and Tow, we strive to create products that completely solve your towing challenges. Unfortunately, it is a bit more difficult to install. Light weight and durable.

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