himalayan rabbit vs californian

The original variety was the black Himalayan, and the blue Himalayan was created later.

It may be completely safe or it may throw some very odd colors; it all depends on the genes that the REW is hiding. Californian Rabbit Breed History/Origin. Some shots of Himalayan and Californian Rabbits. If there is white on the bottom of the tail in a mature animal, your Himalayan is an agouti or tan pattern.70 pages, easy-to-understand explanations, and full color pictures.

Himalayan rabbit lifespan – 7-10 years

They are the only cylindrical rabbit breed. The Himalayan rabbit plays an important part for creating many other rabbit breeds. The Himalayan rabbit is a rare medium-sized breed of rabbit easily mistaken for the Californian rabbit.

The Californian, also known as the California White, is a breed of domestic rabbit originally developed for the fur and meat industries by George S. West of Lynwood, California, starting in 1923.

Himalayan rabbit .

This gave him the current Californian rabbit with its distinctive black or dark brown markings on its nose, face and paws.

64 Pages.

Size: Small to medium Similar breeds – Californian rabbit Body type – cylindrical Who can have them – singles, couples, families with kids, seniors, first-time owners, be in an apartment, house, indoors, or outdoors. Breeders have reported that Himalayans which carry REW have smaller and less defined markings than those that don’t.Do Not breed to Himalayan: Chestnut, opal, chinchilla, squirrel, lynx, chocolate chinchilla, sable or smoke pearl chinchilla. REW to Himalayan is a fairly common cross. The Californian Rabbit breed was developed in the 1923 by George West of California. Full Color. Our current best-seller. Adult Himalayans weigh 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 pounds (1 to 2 kg) with an ideal weight of 3 1/2 pounds.

Make sure the bottom of the tail on your Himalayans is fully colored. As you have already selected them as your breed, I hope that you will remain with Himalayans for many years to come. Relaxed language, at-a-glance charts and 80+ color photos make grasping the mysteries of coat color genetics seem not so hard after all.

Then there are the variations with the B gene (chocolate) and the D gene (dilute). The body is white with colored points, recognized colors are black, blue, chocolate and lilac. A Himalayan that grew up in a cold climate will have darker points than one raised in a hot climate. Weight: 2.5-4.5 pounds (1 to 2 kg) with ideal their weight being 3.5 lbs. My theory is that this late start to the color is due to the hot nestbox, and another breeder added that perhaps the extremities show color because they are the farthest away from the internal heat source of the rabbit. Most babies in the warmth of the nest will look the same as albino babies (because Himalayans can only produce eumelanin under a certain temperature and they cannot produce pheomelanin at all.) If a nest gets too cold or a baby falls out, they will get dark bands on their fur.

Click the cover to learn more.If you liked this article, check out our book “About Bunny Colors” for more like it! This varies from looking to off-white to looking chinchilla-colored, and it causes confusion among many novice breeders. The Himalayan gene (ch) has been bred into many other breeds, they lack marking modifiers so they often show up with smaller, lighter markings.

Beware of tortoise, orange, fawn, or sable point in the background of these colors.Use Caution:  REW. In rabbits, “Himalayan” is the name of both a color and a breed that sports that color. Welcome to the World of Himalayan Rabbits. He first exhibited the Californian rabbit in 1928, five years after he first began his experiments of cross breeding rabbits. The chocolate and lilac varieties were made by different crosses depending on where they originated. His plan was to develop a breed with the “perfect” meat as well as a dense, desirable coat. American chocolate Himalayans were made by Ron Smelt of California by mixing chocolate English spots to Himalayans.The Himalayan plays an important part in many other breed's history, especially the Californian's,The Himalayan rabbit is well known for its markings, which are similar to the Baby Himalayans are especially sensitive to temperature. Quick facts. And it is one of the earliest rabbit breeds recognized in the United States.

This effect is called “nest box chilling” and can also happen when a doe’s milk doesn’t come in right away and the kits lose body heat. Because of their constantly changing colors, most Himalayan breeders do not look at markings as a factor when making breeding plans. The “Full Color” gene, symbolized by a capital C, produces varieties like chestnut, black, blue, chocolate, and otter.

A Himalayan rabbit’s flyback fur is short, soft and doesn’t need much maintenance in order to keep its healthy sheen. Otherwise, a weekly brushing with spot-cleaning using a damp cloth should more than sufficient. The latter colors are not allowed in any breed. Their gentle, loving nature puts them in a class unto itself.

Himalayans are known for having a double copy of the ch gene. Depending on the breed, “Himies” with black, blue, chocolate, and/or lilac points may be shown, but genetically the point color can also be agouti, marten, or even tortoise.

Also includes application-based explanations that teach you how to anticipate the outcomes of your litters, identify unknown varieties, develop a color breeding program, eliminate color faults, and much more! Baby Himalayans that get cold because they were born on the wire or in a scanty nest can sometimes turn frosty or charcoal gray all over.

Himalayans are a unique breed. There is no other breed as gentle and easy to handle. Otter, Tan, Silver Marten, Smoke Pearl Marten, Sable Marten.

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