hot dogs and kool aid catfish

Sometimes lack of planning leaves you fresh out of your desired bait in a time where you can’t run to the nearest shop to get anymore. Roughly 30 minutes south of Joliet which is near Chicago, there is a club in Dwight Illinois reserved for campers and avid fishermen. My articles is for experienced anglers and beginners.Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know the news. I always have at least one effective We usually have a fire and cast the poles out with a sliver of hot dog on the hook, and I’ve caught plenty of channel catfish using this method and promise that hot dogs work just fine for catfishing.I’m kidding about the drinking. Do you have any secret methods of keeping them on the hook longer or easier? It works the same way as using hot dogs. Let’s face it. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes to land a bite in the correct fishing spots.

If you are keeping the bait on the hook and in a decent spot, you shouldn’t be having issues catching catfish with hot dogs.If you are, something is wrong, and it’s the most likely location. You’re left feeling hopeless for a moment. As always, I appreciate you and thanks for stopping by. Use small pieces and save the money and you still have a budget-friendly excellent bait to land catfish.This could be due to several factors. You can mix it with tons of other things that catfish like eating. Well sort of. Put the hot dogs or chicken on the hook and watch your @2019 - All Right Reserved. Keep it small and less than 1 inch in total length. I’ve also used chicken breast cut up in chunks and soaked in red kool-aid. If your fishing in the evening or mornings, you can easily cast much closer to shore and wait for a bite for a few minutes.The catfish will move into much shallower waters around evening time. I live in Central Illinois. I use the smaller Ziploc bags, 1 package of strawberry, cherry or any red kool-aid and 1 package of cheap store-bought hot dogs with chicken, turkey, and beef.I like to keep them in the fridge for at least one night. It’s very versatile and the options to make different baits with it are limitless. Getting a bit desperate is easy. Anytime it’s avoidable, stick to using hot dogs on calm waters to avoid frustration.The cheaper hot dogs have also proven to work best for me. The catfish aren’t picky and don’t know what you’re using so stick to just the basic less than 1 dollar per pack hot dogs. I have an entire article dedicating to learning waters or using a tool such as the It’s worth considering and taking a quick look at if you’re serious about your catfishing success.What are your experiences with using hot dogs for catfish bait? Catfish eat hot dogs when you offer it to them and my guess is that it’s because of the high volume of fat in the hot dog. 1-2 inch pieces work just fine. Many anglers use this method for fishing with chicken livers as well. Just make a batch of Kool-Aid and place the hot dog pieces in the Kool-Aid to soak for a day or two before fishing with the hot dogs. It’s not necessary and a key reason they tend to fall off. The garlic powder method is another method you can use to toughen up the hot dog a bit and give it a little stiffness to help keep it on the hook for the catfish.This is another overlooked way of keeping the hot dog on the hook. I know you’re probably wondering, The main point to take away before diving into this blog is that hot dogs does work for catfish fishing.Don’t knock it until you try it! Most likely you are just fishing in a wrong spot. The first problem you have is that they are slimy and casting with any juice behind it or any muscle, it goes flying 20 yards past where your hook and weight land.This is only just making sure you run the hot dog back through the second part of the treble hook and make sure the barb is lodged nicely into the hot dog.Don’t use massive chunks of hot dog. Especially when you mix chicken livers, stinkbait and live bait into the mix. Two to three days is more ideal. Don’t cut huge pieces, you’ll have trouble keeping the bait on the hook. I’ve also added it to dough and dip baits.My go-to catfish kool-aid bait is marinating it in hot dogs.
For whatever reason every time I visit, I never go prepared with any bait to fish effectively but luckily, I always have my rod and reel.Cook hot dogs on the grill! It’s a cheap, easy to use bait and clean compared to other options as well. We all run out of our favorite baits from time to time.

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