how to apply tripundra

The white color Susila cow provides Ksara cow dung which comes into existence from Shanti. It is used on the forehead as Tripundra, as three horizontal lines representing Lord Shiva. Brahajjabol upanishad prescribes that the ashes should be smeared on thighs, private organs and feet apart from the forehead which is fundamental. In the text of Kalagnirudrupanishad another dimensional interpretation of Tripundra is found. Vibhuti is the greyish ash which remains when you do a homam. And whosoever sports vibhooti or Bhasma inculcates the spiritual semblance of God.Brahajjabolopanishad pronounces that “Bhasma (ash) alone is the innermost self of all.” It further states that “Besmearing one’s body with ashes may be indicative of many things. wear a Tripundra Tilak.Tripundra Tilak has lived down the ages as a symbol of Shiva himself. While applying tilak on the back the mantra is Hareya Namaha; on the hump Shavabe Namaha; and on the head Parmatmine Namaha. The lines are made with the sacred ash (from the remains of the sacred fire) and the Tripundra is usually put on the forehead. 1. The ash or Bhasma is prepared out of burnt cow dung. With the passage of time, the practice of marking tilaks got further segmented with the growth of Shaivite and Vaishnavite cults, and evolved a varied style of texture which marks their own identical entity. Nevertheless, this Tripundra tilak and besmearing the body with Vibhooti is part of the socio-religious ethos of a Shaivite devout. At the same time however, any person irrespective of caste could use ‘Vibhuti’ ( not the Bhasma as disinguished above ie. The tripundra is also drawn on the body, the neck, the biceps, forearms, chest, navel etc. Dr. Sharma wrote: “The Upanishad says that by applying the Tripundra Tilaks over the head, one causes all the sins accumulated through various previous births to perish. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. The Bhasmajabolopanishad elaborates all its aspects. Today there are about 34 types of Shaivite tilaks available and are worn by different sects of Shaivite cult. Tripundra also refers to the three mukthis or the souls, three bonds being ‘anava’, ‘karma’ and ‘maya.’ The Tamil word is ‘Pattai’ which refers to the Shivite tilaka. Three parallel lines of Vibhuti/ Bhasma/ sacred ash, horizontally across the forehead. Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. Touch the bhasma on the left palm with the right hand and charge it by reciting 7 mantras such as ॐ अग्नीरिति भस्म, … But today wearing of this Tripundra Tilak has only remained as a custom for most of the devouts as much of the meaning is lost to them. It says that Tripundra mark should be worn on the forehead with the mantra Bhrahmane Namaha; on chest by pronouncing Havyavahina Namaha; on the navel by uttering Skandasa Namaha; on the neck with the mantra Vishnava Namaha. Tripundra, to those who apply it, is a reminder of the spiritual aims of life, the truth that body and material things shall someday become ash, and that mukti is a worthy goal. By applying Holy ash (Vibhuti) to these areas, we protect these sensitive and susceptible areas from attack by black energy of ghosts. Nevertheless, this Tripundra tilak and besmearing the body with Vibhooti is part of the socio-religious ethos of a Shaivite devout. Similarly, Bhadra types are derived from Bhasita cows which are dark in color and come from Pratishia. It gives us the impression that the world is perishable, that the divinity is only apparent and not real, that the body is just a modification of earth and that one should adopt an attitude of renunciation towards every worldly object.”The ingredients of Bhasma-Dharana and its symbolic spiritual aspiration are explained mainly in two Upanishads, namely, Brmhajjaboupanishad and Bhasmajabolopanishad. The devout who wears this type of tilak shines brightly in life.

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