how to measure boat windshield

When you lay your top down, either forward or backward, the top actually becomes longer. 5 Year Warranty. Nowadays, many boat owners choose to deal with their damaged boat windshield by themselves using more affordable materials such as Lexan glass and plexiglass. The measurement must be made after the curve is complete and it meets the side panel of the shield. Be sure the eye end is set in the correct position before you drill for the rivet. Be aware of wind speeds and reduce speed accordingly when wind is present. This is the point which If you haven’t done so already, break out your tape measure and map out the shape of the glass as well as its dimensions. Whether it is called a windshield, windscreen, or window, the key factor in choosing a wiper system for your boat is the size and shape of the glass to be cleaned.

But different boats belong to different owners, and the level of stress and pressure that a boat endures depends on how an owner uses it. Available in 3 colors. A rider’s body size is the most influential part of determining the correct windshield height. Wiper systems that require higher-powered motors and will be used more frequently will creep into the upper half of that range.
Stainless steel frames are an attractive and durable alternative to our standard aluminum frame.All CoverQuest Bimini's come standard with all necessary mounting hardware and are ready to assemble. Some would have to crank the whole frame to be able to remove the damaged glass. After roughly a week I had my windshield, a quarter inch thick tinted windshield. Measure across, top to bottom, and each of the crevices so you’d know what kind of glass fittings you should get.Identifying the correct measurements is crucial in Determining how it was damaged helps a lot in this phase. Push pin in hole until metal ball passes through to keep the pin in place. 100% breathable, water repellent and mildew resistant. This top comes with a free matching storage boot and attached back braces with quick release pins.Our pontoon Bimini Tops come with an optional light cut-out, so you can mount a running light to the center of the rear bow. That’s when a reliable Whether it is called a windshield, windscreen, or window, the key factor in choosing a wiper system for your boat is the size and shape of the glass to be cleaned. Before purchasing a new or replacement windshield, it is essential to take proper measurements for an exact fit. Standard Bimini Tops include high-grade nylon fittings, heavy-duty nickel plated brass snap hooks and eye straps, and stainless steel adjuster buckles and fasteners.
How to measure a windshield. In this example, it is about one inch.Windshield Thickness Options. In the third image to the right, you can see where the heated bends ends, and the natural factory surface starts. Additional “Sunbrella® Special Order” colors availableThe 7 oz. The canvas is designed without traditional valances to give a more streamlined look. All Rights Reserved | Build Your Window for Quote worksheet when templates are requiredCracks and other damages on the windshield each has a story to tell. should consider what portion of the boat you would like to cover. Note: Do not shorten past the first jaw slide. PWR-ARM II by Schwintek is the only fully automatic powered Bimini top on the market. To search for your Windshield please click here:

Made in the USA.100% Solution-Dyed Polyester. Shop. This means if you choose a 6’ long top, you will have 3’ of However, not all DIY-ers could do it excellently. Available in 3 colors. The Free Standing Bimini is designed to eliminate the need for front braces or straps. Measuring your boat’s frame is an essential part before choosing a glass that will go along with it. Hold your top up and out of the way when it is not in use (The shipping address must have adequate room for the truck to deliver and turn around without issue). Please note, pre-assembled tops must ship by truck.

However, if you do not want to assemble your top, we can ship it to you pre-assembled and ready to mount for $150. Look for the screws and use a flat-edged screwdriver to pop their plastic caps off properly. The Super Sport Bimini Top is designed to allow low-profile boats to keep their sleek appearance. Pontoon and some bass Boat style consoles that use quick release fasteners do not use spacers.When you opt for sending in your windshield to our facility to be verified by our engineers, they will determine if it is a match or not. Your boat windshield’s glass must also be layered and coated with tinting and should come in the right thickness that’s suitable to your boating needs. Many times boat owners are faced with the choice of buying a complete new top or taking the risk of buying another manufacturer's canvas in hopes of a good fit. Measure each side of the console It's important to be as accurate as possible. Please refer to the chart below for each top's “laying length”.

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