how to remove pressure washer pump from honda engine

The triplex pump, on the other hand, is not as sturdy but can be fixed when worn out.

In order to fully examine the pump and look for the main problem causing the issue, you need to take it out first and check all parts. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

On electric models, make sure the machine is unplugged, and disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug on gas-powered units. Check your particular model's manual for the pump diagrams and location of the mounting bolts.Disconnect all the hoses from the pressure washer and place on a firm, level surface.

Also, don’t forget to observe proper safety precautions.

This is Mattie. As mentioned above, it is the part that literally pumps the water via pressure up the hose to the gun. When removing the pump for repair or replacement, re-apply anti-seize lubricant in the joint between the pump and engine flange before re-installing. The pump of a typical Honda pressure washer engine happens to be one of the most important parts of a pressure washer simply because it is the part that pushes the water into the spray gun.

It can be fixed for a certain number of times before you need to replace it. 2. When I am not making DIY projects for my house, I spend most of my time researching and writing reviews of different products that you can buy online. Pump replacement or repair is possible with only a few tools and limited know-how, and can be a good way to save on repair bills. The steps above may require repeating to remove pumps that have had hard service and long use. If the pump will not easily slide off the crankshaft, take a large flathead screwdriver and insert between the slots on either side of the mounting flange and pry the pump loose, alternating sides. Hold your pump in place with one hand, then place the bolts in with the other and secure the nuts on the opposite side. Unplug the spark plug wire. Step 2 Spray penetrating oil along the top groove of the pump flange and along the joint where the flange connects to the engine.

Thread the screws in until they make contact with the gas engine adapter plate or the electric motor.Thread the screws in an alternating pattern until the pump separates from the engine drive shaft. It is with this pump that you need to learn One of the primary reasons as to why you’ll want to remove the pump from the pressure washer is to replace it with a brand new one. Do not apply excessive force--only use reasonable pressure and torque.Based in the bayou country of Louisiana, Robert Fergeson has been writing about psychology since 2000. You’ll also need to take out the pump if you want to fully dismantle your power washer to check the other parts. Below are easy to follow instructions with pillow to help you remove and install a pressure washer pump. Do not disassemble the pump. Reapply every six months to ensure consistent easy pump removal.Never use excessive force when removing the pump.

Unfortunately though, these pumps are also one of the first parts to wear out.

To start the process, spray a few drops of penetrating oil onto the top groove or two small rectangular slots on the sides of the pump flange. How to Remove and Install a Pressure Washer Pump.

If the pump cannot be removed, take the unit to an authorized service dealer. Use some rubbing alcohol to scrub away any hard-to-remove residue. Save money by removing and installing a replacement pressure washer pump yourself. Removing the pump from your pressure washer usually involves removing only four bolts. That’s why it is usually replaced once a year. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Of course, the other reason, as we have mentioned above, would be to fix it. To align the set screw with the access hole in the drive shaft cover, gently pull the starting cord an inch or two to rotate the shaft.Remove the pump from the crankshaft and the engine face. On electric models, make sure the machine is unplugged, and disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug on gas-powered units.Spray penetrating oil along the top groove of the pump flange and along the joint where the flange connects to the engine.Remove the mounting bolts and washers holding the pump assembly to the engine using the correct size socket.Loosen the set screw on the drive shaft using an Allen wrench. 1. Do not use excessive force.Insert two full threaded screws into the special holes in the pump flange near the mounting bolts if the pump still has not come free. There are typically two kinds of pump being theThe axial pump is the sturdier one of the two but the one that can’t be fixed.

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