how to spot fake heavy hitters

The problem with Heavy Hitters is even real ones have had pesticide issues. We make no claims as to their safety of the products on this site. Let us know by commenting below or in our Do you know of dispensaries selling fakes? Can you tell the difference?Have any more information on fake heavy hitters vape cartridges?

Heavy Hitters vape cartridges are known for coming in rad-yet-stylishly macabre packaging. Brass Knuckles; Heavy Hitters; Dank Vapes; King Pen Stiiizy; Click on any of the vape cartridge brands above to find their Instagram and additional information about the fake cartridge problem. In my opinion, this looks like a fake Heavy Hitter. Search in posts Search in pages Exact matches only Search in pages The great thing that Heavy Hitters does (that Brass Knuckles does not) is provide a list of authorized retailers. Supposedly now it is clean, but see our vape pen pesticides, strength, and residual solvents test page.For ones that had a picture I am including a picture so you can identify fakes better. Our reviewers continue to use them and post information regarding THC vapes, but we make no claims as to their safety. In China, companies make cartridges with Heavy Hitters branding, logos, and packaging. Exact matches only If you do plan on giving it … You can go to Amazon and purchase decent packaging for less than $0.10 per box! Even for HH, their hardware is made in China. Its best to rely on their list of authorized retailers. Search in posts

And they’re especially known for providing potent puffs of weed oils that don’t contain fillers like vegetable oils or vitamin E acetate.Of course, these factors combined make Heavy Hitters’ carts ideal candidates for black marketeers to sell their own, fake versions of these award-winning products. Please add any data you may have in the comments section or discuss fake brass knuckles here on our forum. Fake Heavy Hitters vape cartridges look the same. Exact matches only Do not rely solely on the product reviews or information on this site, verify with the Food and Drug Administration and discuss with your doctor before using. Buying from an authorized retailers is the only way to guarantee it is an authentic cartridge.Have any more information on fake heavy hitters vape cartridges? Search in title

If you vape any of these brands, it’s important to understand there’s a chance you can be buying a fake. Here we show how to identify them and name the companies making fake Heavy Hitters cartridges. Luckily, the official manufacturer has a list of authorized retailers on its website. We are not sure if the real company is able to pursue any of the Chinese makers legally, because there might not be a trademark since technically Heavy Hitters is a federally illegal product.The problem with Heavy Hitters is even real ones have had pesticide issues. This problem is widespread, yet the industry has yet to respond.or you can just check their website @ and look at the retailers and find out who’s legit and who’s not. Do you know of TheWeedologist .com | Everything CBD, THC and Cannabis. However, the best way to get a real Heavy Hitters Cartridge is to buy from an authorized reseller. Search in pages Alot of crap, watch what you smoke.The idiot that wrote this article just gave contact info to buy fake heavy hitters. The picture of each company’s fake will be below their information.

See our The great thing that Heavy Hitters does (that Brass Knuckles does not) is provide a The hanger hole is way off centered on some fakes and that can be a giveaway, but many are right on point. Search in posts There just won’t be as much consistency.Give us photos of real and fake ones so we can compare our carts. Search in content A Heavy Hitters cartridge is considered a fake when it contains oil that was not manufactured by the company, Heavy Hitters. None of the products reviewed or featured on this site are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or recommended by a doctor. In China, companies produce cartridges with … Search in posts Search in title With fake Brass Knuckles carts we can tell by a myriad of errors in design… With fake Brass Knuckles carts we can tell by a myriad of errors in design. Dispensary owners are absolutely the ones allowing fake product to leak back into the legal California market. The following Brands Have Been Affected By Fakes. Some people might put good oil in there, some might put bad. Search in title So anybody that wants to start distributing fakes just got a free plug ???? DUMBASSIt’s not like anyone could not just look that up on DHgate right?I just got some fake heavy hitters top.. first thing I do is flip it over and see if the bubbles move. © 2020 Fake Heavy Hitters: How To Spot Them, Who Makes ThemTheWeedologist is not a healthcare site.

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