humans born with gill slits

Knowing that we humans have human (not fish) DNA and can therefore make only human (not fish) cartilage, I rang the pathologist referred to in the article, who confirmed that the histology (microscopic appearance) of this cartilage was not in any way distinguishable from ordinary humancartilage.

However the structures that look a bit like gill slits in the human embryo …

The feeding apparatus in cephalochordates is similar. “Ontogeny” means development; “phylogeny” means evolutionary history. Cephalochordates usually live partially buried in marine sand and gravel.

the 1981 edition of the As an embryo begins to develop its three dimensional structure and its body organs start to form the tissue between the head and torso starts to grow around and as it does this it forms a series of ridges and hollows. “The idea that the embryo of a complex animal goes through stages resembling the embryos of its ancestors is called the Biogenetic Law.” (Reference: This research fits well with the Biblical account of creation recorded in Genesis 1, which tells us living things were created as separate kinds and have multiplied after their kinds. They do not. One of the “best evidences” presented for this theory has been that humans (and all mammals) went through a stage where they had gill slits, like a fish, in their neck region.The study of embryonic development from the early 20th century onwards has long shown this to be completely false. …and other nonaquatic vertebrates exhibit gill slits even though they never breathe through gills. This concept goes back to a man called Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) who was Darwin’s main proponent in continental Europe. I would recommend watching “Your Inner Fish,” by Neil Shubin. The idea that human fetuses have gill slits is a part of what was known as the Biogenetic Law. In 2007 a group of researchers from University College London, UK and University of Virginia, USA, published a study of the process where a single layer of cells forms into three layers during the early stages of embryonic development. The study of embryonic development from the early 20th century onwards has long shown this to be completely false. She is particularly interested in design in living things and how living things interact with one another, as well as developing a Biblical understanding of biology. This image shows how the hyomandibula receded in fish to create a wider ear opening in early land animals. But that’s as far as it goes. These slits are found in the embryos of all vertebrates because they share as common ancestors the fish in which these structures first evolved. The three layers give rise to different organs and structures in the body. For example human embryos are claimed to have a tail. His theory is called “recapitulation,” also known by the longer phrase; “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,” meaning a creature shows its evolutionary history in the various stages it passes through as a developing embryo. Virtually any topic for the virtual learner. The whole article seemed to be strongly promoting the mistaken belief that the human embryo, as it develops, goes through the stages of its pr… By Bjorn Carey 19 January 2006. It simply appears that way because the backbone develops before the hips and legs, and therefore projects beyond the place where the pelvis and legs grow from.

He found great variation between the embryos, and most looked nothing like Haeckel’s drawings of embryos that were supposedly at the same stage of development. This means the development of the body is different in birds and mammals compared with fish and amphibians even before any basic body tissues and structures are formed. With the placement of hemichordates and echinoderms as a sister group to chordates, a new hypothesis has emerged-suggesting that pharyngeal gill slits were present in the deuterostome ancestor .

They have a well-developed musculature and can swim rapidly by undulating the body. The fact that an organ or tissue is found in different animals at any stage of life does not prove that one is derived from the other. In spite of this, many school biology textbooks clung to the idea long after it was known to be erroneous, simply for the sake of maintaining the evolutionary story, e.g. These are derived from slits in the embryo that turn into gill slits in fish and other structures in humans. Shares. It simply means all these animals share a similar need for it, and so a similar solution has been built in by the Creator.For further evidence of how biology reveals Biblical creation rather than evolution see the Creation Research leaflet Any similarities between embryos are no more significant than similarities in organs and tissues in different kinds of adult animals. People have been born with small holes or slits in the general region of the upper neck or lower head. (Reference: Ten years prior to that Michael Richardson and colleagues photographed embryos of many animals and compared them with Haeckel’s theory. These slits are found in the embryos of all vertebrates because they share as common ancestors the fish in which these structures first evolved. Embryonic Recapitulation is the idea that the human embryo has gill slits because humans evolved from fish. As the pelvis and legs grow the lower end of the spine is completely enclosed.In fact, embryos of different kinds of animals are distinct from conception onwards, and modern research has confirmed this. For a brief time (28 days to 44 days) the grooves between the ridges have a superficial resemblance to slits when viewed from the outside.As well as the claim about gill slits, other embryonic structures are claimed to the evidence of evolution. More recently, embryologists thoroughly refuted that concept, and others have shown that Haeckel's drawings were partially faked. The top layer forms the nervous system and skin; the middle layer the musculo-skeletal and blood circulation systems; the bottom layer the inner organs.

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