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They’re fast growing, but if the conditions aren’t all to their liking, they grow much slower. NellHi Barbara – The sap is slightly toxic but I don’t believe the thorns are. I regular have to shape them as they seem to sprout shoots every couple weeks.

I’m beside myself and don’t know what to do. If I did this to my other bougainvilleas they would die, rot to the ground as they only start growing and flowering early spring after a long very dry cool rest, almost leafless through winter. I sometimes use a garden wire to lead them to where I want to grow, and this can be removed once they've established their position - watch out for thorns still!It may now seem pretty sparse, as summer isn't really here yet, and it's finding its feet - including establishing a good root network, and they can be a little slow after a long winter period. I have two beautiful Bougainvilleas in front and back yard. It had a nice spray of bright white bracts that turned to light pink (beautiful). It’s definitely not a flower to use in big arrangements nor work with the day or 2 before the wedding! Otherwise, bring them into the garage when a cold spell is forecast. You’re probably going to have to do more pruning to keep them from overtaking each other! It gets 6 hours of full sun a day. Is there something I can feed it to help it? thank you!Hi Tracy – I usually cut the rim because it’ll stick up otherwise. You have a longer growing season than other parts of the country do. They are lengthening day bloomers. Not spots, just areas. Here are some recommendations to start with: lantanas, ornamental grasses, plumbago, lavenders, salvias, dwarf oleanders, lophomyrtus, rosemary & the smaller to mid-sized pittosporums. However, they do cause a type of dermatitis because when poked by one, it can deposit a little plant matter in the skin which can lead to swelling, redness & irritation. Plant the level of the soil in the pot even with the soil in the ground. it looks like it's grown straight up and then folded over on itself. That planter box is ok for now but it’ll eventually be way too small as their roots grow. I also know I over watered it. I didn’t know I was suppose to leave Bogie in the original pot. We use water from the river that we live on which has some salinity at times but my lime trees are doing fine. I live in zone 8 so we do get some freezing weather although it varies from year to year. I don’t have any advice for you on this matter. Water deeply to establish in the heat, at least once or twice a week. I have an indoor boug that I’ve managed to keep alive for a year now. I have a Bougainvillea in a hanging pot I have been keeping on a porch with northwest exposure and no direct sun.

I worked at a nursery in Berkeley, CA that carried bougainvillea and that’s where I first learned a few things about it. All the best, NellWhat if the pots are plastic. I have 4 bougainvilleas growing at my new home here in Tucson. I’ve never grown a bougainvillea indoors so thanks for sharing. I cut out chunks of the pot on the bottom, basically enlarging the drain holes. Will it be likely to harm the oak?HI NELL

You will need to water them more often than when in the ground. Thanks so much! My question is, my mother is in search for a multi-colored Bougainvillea Tree. I have read throughout your posts that you say the bougie is a “tough little bugger” but want to do it right the first time!! My question – is this a bad idea? The lower the bougie, the small the root system. Thank you.Hi Chrissy – Barbara Karst is a vigorous grower & would prefer to have the 6-9′ of spacing.

Hope you are enjoying the change.I bought a plant thinking it was varigated ivy . Barbara Kast, I think.

I had no idea they grow so large!

Azaleas and dogwoods bloom here in early April.I think my last comment didn’t post. Not the answer you were probably hoping for but I hope it helps! Since under the top layer it seems moist. Within 30 days I’ve lost all of the flowers & am now losing some leaves and don’t know what to do. Just wondering if you can tell me how many bougies would I need to cover a fence line of 15 metres?

If growing to a length of 28 ft. is not going to be tough on the Boug I would prefer the corner. so was hoping i could trim these roots, without a ton of harm or shock to the plant. Take care… PatriciaI am crazy about orange-way before it became trendy. More pinching = more color. Yours are only 2 years old so that could be the issue because established bougies can withstand more stress. And would it recuperate well if it did survive winter. I’m tickled pink to have you here!© 2020 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning I’ve done a few posts about bougainvillea but this one is straight-up everything I know about it including planting and care.

I have my heart set on some beautiful fuchsia bougainvillea.Hi Sirena – I don’t know anyone who sells cut stems of bougainvillea because it’s not a long lasting cut flower. The latter has responded rather slowly but is coming back. Brought it inside, and was expecting it to go dormant. Please help.Hi Beth – My bougies get by them every year too. Would it grow well here in the ground? I decided to move my ancient Boug, instead of buying a new spindly one, when we built our porch. I have a very sunny sunroom where it can get the sun it needs in winter. I’m in NC by the way.Hi Kathy – Common causes for a bougainvillea not to bloom are: not enough sun, not enough heat, too much water, or too much fertilizer.

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