irish gypsy girl names

It’s pretty neglected now, but has a chance of revival, following the wake of its original name, Esther. The meaning of this name is ‘giving to God’.This moniker isn’t very popular beyond the realms of the gypsies. Famously, it was the name of the American silent film starlet, Theodosia Burr Goodman.Florence is a city in Italy and is based on a Latin word for flower. It currently holds the 90th spot on the Wales-England popularity list. This Romani boy name had its heyday in the 19th century, particularly among them Americans.
In the New Testament, she was the mother of John.

Its namesake is Rosella Falk, the Italian actress. Hester Maria Thrale was given the nickname Queenie by Samuel Johnson. In fact, in the Gold Rush in Nevada and California, this moniker was so common that it became the generic term for a Native American woman. Its namesake is Lash Rushay Hoffman, the American wrestler who is better known by his screen name Stevie Ray.The Romany people arriving France via Bohemia referred to as the Bohemians. Patience Philips, remember? It’s also associated with Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It has a beautiful sound to it and a connection to the Bible.Lavinia is such a pretty name. Its namesake is Timbo Mehrstein, a contemporary Gypsy Jazz violinist. She was born Agnes, but received the name Esmeralda due to the jewel she wore around her neck. Share your views with us in the comment section below!All rights reserved. This rich and classy name has been borne by several saints and queens. Motshan means ‘son’.Vano is the Romany version of the name Ivan and means ‘god is gracious’. Old-fashioned names like Lottie, Kitty, Maisie and Tillie have been rapidly growing in popularity.Rhoda is a name that comes from the Bible. This virtuous sounding name is popular among the gypsies.This lovely name is a gypsy variation on the more traditional name, Naomi. This moniker is associated with the burlesque performer and thoroughly intellectual Gypsy Rose Lee and the musical that was made on her life. Currently, it is the 90th most popular name in Wales and England. In recent years, this name has started to rise in popularity again.Vadim was originally a Russian name. Barley was once a surname, and it dates back to the middle of the 16th century. And with the return of the classical names in the Western world, even Silvanus can resurface again. It was said to mean a voice that moves. So you have plenty of references here!Charity is one of the three abstract virtue names along with Faith and Hope, but this one isn’t used much. For the nickname, Flora, Flossie, Flo, and Florrie would be best.Lavinia is a prim and proper gypsy name, dating back to the classical mythology, where it was borne by the wife of Aeneas, the Trojan Hero. This surname is inspired by the Bartley Redis in Hampshire and was first recorded in the mid of the 16th century.We hope you find our compilation of gypsy baby names interesting. You can see Rosella as a diminutive of the name Rose or as a nature name as Rosella is an Australian flower and a variety of Australian cockatoos. So this name gives a straightforward reference to the gypsies. The names' popularity increased from the 1950s up to the 1990s. Patrick Dune was a famous Irish Traveler and musician. This moniker would appeal parents who like names with soft sound and admirable meaning.

While it may have declined in popularity for a while, it was later used in John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meaney, Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance and Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy.Esmeralda is one of the first names that people think of when they think of gypsies. Ailis. This moniker is associated with the faithful wife of Odysseus in Homer’s “Odyssey”. It’s another name for Goddess Lakshmi and means ‘one with shiny hair’. It is also a name that is commonly used by the Romany gypsies. It’s the gypsy baby names! While it would certainly be a fairly odd choice for a little boy, we think that it could work for the right child.While you do not hear this name nearly as much today, it was actually quite popular in the 1970s.

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