is costco membership worth it reddit

It’s fun for them and most of the ladies/gentlemen are so friendly so sometimes we go on a sample run when I need to get one or two things at Costco and have time to wander around.Our warehouse: most of the stuff goes on sale.

Paper Towels. If you prepare more fresh, without a vacuum sealer or some way to preserve certain purchases (like meat) you'll probably buy more than you'll use.Easier decision if you have a friend who will give you $30 to be the authorized member on your account as it makes the breakeven easier.If you have roommates, then buy in bulk and split up the purchases when you're home.You might be able to do this with friends who aren't roommates as well, depending on how organized you can be about it.But IMO if you're 100% buying only for yourself, just keep an eye on the grocery store flyers and shop sales instead.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castLearn about budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, credit, investing, and retirement planning. Also I love Target's diapers, which are cheap.A bunch of people have mentioned the lines, which is so crazy to me! Toilet Paper. Most of it is because of gasoline though. Also diapers and wipes both go on periodic sale at Costco and then it is comparable or cheaper than Amazon.Honestly we spend enough money there that we pretty much pay for the executive membership (which gives you 2% back on purchases) just through the annual rebate. Usually they have 2-3 employees owe register on weekends. I didn’t have one for my first and think of myself as frugal so I can’t justify the $50 membership + those damn lines but maybe I’m wrong.My H's allergy meds alone pays for our Costco membership. Finally, Costco pays its employees a living wage and has excellent benefits. Depends on what you need, but I can pay for my membership in money saved on gas alone.

You just have to tell the cashier when you get in line so they can get a manager to type in the code.Like magazine subscriptions? Costco has is usually the cheapest gas according to (Gas Buddy app) so my husband always gets Costco gas in the way to/from work. the ones in my area don't.I can buy a year's worth of my allergy medication for $10 at Costco. Otherwise not so much. Costco gas is 10-20 cents cheaper per gallon, over the course of a year it more than pays for the membership.We signed up for Costco shortly before my first daughter was born and didn’t think we’d use it all that much. But there's a fee for that too (No lines though! I do eat out a lot which over a span of two weeks can run me anywhere from 100-200 dollars, depending on what i’m buying. I buy all of my diapers and wipes at Costco since my baby’s bum isn’t picky. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. But you can’t get Costco’s amazing pizza or hot dogs delivered, damn.Costco formula is the same ingredients-wise as Similac Pro Advance but cheaper. We spend about the same amount in a trip as we used to at other stores - but the difference is, the goods last us three times as long, so we spend MUCH less overall. Little dude will be here Wednesday so I’m tying up loose ends and dealing with last minute things. My husband's friend called us recently and asked if he could go there on a field trip with us.I've been told diapers tend to be cheaper through Amazon prime, if you have them set up on the monthly subscription.

We started shopping at our Costco about 6 years ago, and it's the same core group of employees who have been there the whole time. No way am I going to stand in a long line to save a few bucks while baby is screaming. In exchange for your membership, you get access to wholesale prices.So do you buy enough product at wholesale prices to make up for the cost of your membership?I think if i really got serious and changed my lifestyle habits to eating at home I could easily make up the cost of the $60 membership.My wife and I ditched Costco after a year. And you can stock up on things that will last you a year! The savings on formula alone paid for itself.Plus we saved on other stuff we use a ton too. I recommend!We have a Costco warehouse with gas, food court (really important because some doesn’t have a food court), optical, and tires service abut 5 minutes drive away from our home.So that being said, we have the executive membership where we get cash back certificate. )I cloth diaper, but I do use their formula, and toilet paper, which is more than worth it imo.We don't have costco but we do have sams club with is similar and it was totally 100% worth it. Thanks.It's worth it for the gas alone. The great thing about Costco is that you only have to go like, once a month at most. Totally worth it if you've got roommates and run through staples (coffee/eggs/milk/meat/etc.). I've gotten all of my mom friends to sign up.The long lines aren't worth it to me.

The lines at ours are super fast. It's relatively easy to shop with a newborn, but it becomes increasingly difficult as baby gets older. It completely depends what you're looking to buy, and if you can store the bulk of goods or eat them before they expire. At least that’s what my experience has been with it.

Ranting and gushing is welcome!Press J to jump to the feed. If you really don’t use the membership much or have been visiting Costco much less off-late you may decide on the renewal or giving up your membership after-all.

Otherwise not so much.Think about it this way. Way faster than target even. Costco has bulk items and probably does not make sense unless you need to buy in volume. Most of the time there prices are comparable to Walmart or Target and ends up cheaper for us. We actually get more cash back than the membership fee. It is the bare minimal membership offered by Costco and its worth every penny you pay for. Only irritating thing for me is navigating around all the people blocking aisles to get samples!New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA place for new parents, new parents to be and old parents who want to help out. I got my membership when I was a poor student, it saved me money over the long run.

I’ve had my membership for 20 years at a rate of $60 per year at most .

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