is my leopard gecko dead or hibernating

But, by doing this, you can actually harm them more than you think. That said, though, let’s take a deeper look at what brumation is like for leopard geckos who aren’t in the wild.Leopard geckos can and will show signs and symptoms of one thing that are very similar to another, so it can be quite worrying and stressful to see if you’re someone who has never had a leopard gecko who has gone through this before.One of the main and only contributing factors as to why they go into this state of semi-hibernation if it’s not forced by the owner is because of changes in either the temperature outside or if there are air pressure changes as the weather begins to switch seasons.In areas of the world where the weather changes frequently such as in the midwest part of the United State or where it’s frequently cold, you can expect your leopard gecko to have periods where they will enter brumation even if you don’t want them to. It’s a lot.My suggestion is to never try it unless you’ve had at least a year of experience with your gecko so that you know their behaviors and also what they do and don’t like to eat so that feeding them during this time can be a little easier instead of just guessing in hopes that they will eventually consume whatever you’re offering them whenever they decide to become picky eaters.Lack of knowledge can cause you to make mistakes that may or may not be reversible and can easily cause you to panic a bit if you’re faced with behavior from your gecko that you just don’t know how to handle simply for the fact that it’s something that you’ve never had to deal with.It doesn’t matter if your leopard gecko is a baby or an adult, you should always take the time necessary to educate yourself on the topic so that you will be fully armed with information and will be able to tackle any issues you may run into with ease once you decide to start brumating.Unfortunately, those of us who can’t control whether or not out leopard geckos brumate have to learn the hard way.

But, when it comes to reptiles, especially leopard geckos, hibernation might not be a thing that we would expect for them to go through.

Even if not forced into brumation, leopard geckos might still enter it despite being ill and might further neglect their body simply from not eating.As stated above, some people like to brumate their leopard geckos for money-saving reasons, but aside from that, there is another advantage that brumation serves for those who like to breed leopard geckos and that’s that after it’s over, the sudden rise in temperature will initiate the breeding season allowing the breeder to more opportunities for gaining more geckos.It is said to be stressful for a leopard gecko to be in a state of brumation because of the slowing down of their digestive system, so if you’re not a breeder, I don’t advise brumating unless you live in an area that’s hot year-round and want to do it for your own personal benefit.Besides those two reasons, though, I don’t see a point in forcing them into brumation while they’re in captivity because they’re not in the wild anymore where food is scarce, but some owners still enjoy doing it because it’s something that happens naturally while in the wild and they want to mimic their natural surroundings as much as possible.Things like providing them with heat, water, safe substrate, and important supplements are what is more natural because it’s what they need in order to survive, but while they’re in the comfort of our tanks with plenty of food to eat, brumating is something that doesn’t necessarily have to be done.And while there’s nothing wrong with it, doing it really doesn’t serve much of a purpose unless, as stated above, you are a breeder or want to do it for other various reasons. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Hello. Whichever way you decide to supplement your gecko with D3 from that point on will be totally up to you.For example, your leopard gecko not pooping is one of the signs that they can display while in brumation, but it’s also a sign that they display when impacted as well. However, if for any reason you’d like to hibernate your Leopard Geckos, then it’s actually a very simple process. How do I know if she's hibernating and not dead? Weakness, slow-moving, and not eating are, again, signs and symptoms of brumation, but it’s also the sign of pregnancy as well.So, when determining whether or not they’re brumating, it’s best to always take a few factors into consideration before coming to your conclusion.

Make sure that your Geckos are active through the winter as well and that they don’t stop eating or drinking. While a lot of new owners have asked about this question in various online communities, you can rest at ease that it’s safe to continue operations as normal during the winter months.A lot of people commonly worry that it’s not going to be safe to put heat on their Leopard Geckos during the winter season, but it’s perfectly safe and it’s fine. Wax worms along with the other worms listed should be fed to your leopard gecko only when they don’t want to eat their healthier foods such as crickets and mealworms because of how addictive and unhealthy they can be for them if fed regularly.Lastly, pay close attention to their behavior and weigh them once every week to two weeks to make sure they’re not dropping too much weight while they brumate. They can lick all of the calcium in the world, but if they have nothing to help their bodies absorb it, it has absolutely no value. What I recommend for that is Dubia Roaches,, and the occasional wax worm and silkworm which also can be found there as well.For their calcium, you’ll want to make sure there is a full container of it in their tank at all times and without the D3.

All you have to do is, find that under the heater tank that you originally installed and turn it off. It’s a very natural and recurring process every single year.

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