is shepard smith in a relationship

Moreover, they preferred to keep their mouth shut to the public media regarding their divorce.There were rumors the divorce was down to something related to Shepard's sexual orientation. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! They appeared to carry a perfect bond with each other.

It’s great for us, but I can’t imagine anyone else finding it interesting.”The 54-year-old anchor is in a happy relationship with his 30-year-old partner. Finally, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has come out to talk about his gay partner.

The former Trump target is anchoring a new prime-time program.

Updated On 05 Jun, 2018 Published On 05 Jun, 2018 All rights reserved. The couple was classmates back then, and they went out for a couple of years before they tied the knot in 1987.The pair was captured to be delighted in each other's presence for a certain time. Besides that, the couple is not part of any rumors in personal life and professional life.Copyright © 2019 .

Many of his fans are curious to find out about Smith longterm boyfriend. However, Smith is now reaping the rewards as he no longer needs to hide anything related to his love life.It can be easily imagined how free Shepard must feel after years of living a fake dating life. The duo parted ways in 1993. See instructions Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! The couple might be planning to get married but neither of them has confirmed about it.

Smith and Gio like to stay from any media attention as much as possible. Their 6-year stormy relationship didn’t produce any child. He usually is very secretive about his personal life.

This was when he confirmed he was in a relationship with another man.The talented anchor displayed a decent courage to come out to the world like this. Though he insists he never “hid” his sexuality, not many knew he was gay. Shepard Smith started dating Giovanni Graziano since 2012. This was the case with This remarkably successful anchor might have been in a straight married relationship previously, but is he currently dating someone? After Smith met Gio the romance blossomed between them leading to commit themselves into the romantic relationship.Shepard said good things about his beau when talking to “I have a longtime boyfriend and we’re happy as we can be. Shepard Smith Lands New Job After Abruptly Leaving Fox News. Meanwhile, this duo is also setting an example for the rest of the world that being a gay couple does not mean you can't live with an openly blissful relationship.Shepard and Virginia began dating while they were studying at The University of Mississippi.

This brilliant anchor is dating his longtime boyfriend Gio Graziano.

March 15, 2018 03:18 PM Shepard Smith is happy and in love.

During the initial stage of their relationship, both Smith and Graziano kept it a secret from everyone.To the reply of that rumor, Shepard Smith said good things about him and added Ailes never showed such behavior towards him. We live a very normal life and go to dinner and go to games and see his family and see my family. Shepard Smith and Gio are head over heels in love and when they decide to tie the knot it wouldn’t come out a surprise.The happy couple rarely gets into any sort of rumors and controversies.

Many of his fans are curious to find out about Smith longterm boyfriend. Let's find out.This brilliant anchor is dating his longtime boyfriend Although this was only the second time Smith spoke publicly about his partner, he went on to say he does not mind talking about it.

However, in one of the recent interviews, Shepard spoke in slight detail about his relationship with the man who was once a production assistant on Smith's show around 2011. Is Shepard Smith In A Relationship? He further added he does not feel the need to hide anything anymore.The only other time Shepard openly talked about his boyfriend was back when he paid tribute to his late boss However, Smith had nice things to say about the man as he claimed Gio and himself went to this amazingly beautiful home.

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