make em fast tire prep machine

Caution must be used in siping or grooving since cutting the tread too deep can cause the blocks to rip or tear which will cause traction loss or tire failure.While grooving and siping can help the performance of the tire, altering a tire will actually increase the wear rate of the tire. Race Tires America®. Again, each scenario is different depending on track conditions.© Copyright 2020. Grooving front tires will allow for more steer in the car, which will help the car turn with less resistance. The second is done to help sling dirt off the contact patch of the tire by helping the tire clean itself before it rotates back around and makes contact with the track. Racing Tire Prep Information from American Racer® Tire preparation could be a web site all on it’s own. As with any bias ply racing tire, it is a good idea to scuff (break- … ][This message has been edited by eborcim (edited May 20, 2005). You can achieve this by making grooves in the tire that run parallel to the direction of rotation. This helps the tire dig into the racetrack (side bite) as the driver turns their car. I will take $500 for just the machine and you can mount it anywhere you want. Whether you work in a tire repair shop, or change a lot of tires from your home, having a good bead seal lubricant will make your life easier. As with any bias ply racing tire, it is a good idea to scuff (break- in) new tires before use in competition. This will promote forward bite and help the tire “dig” into the track. 8 ounces TIRE CLAW, 1 quart diesel fuel, and the balance of a gallon Xylene - fast tire prep. There is always a trade-off when cutting a tire. The reason is that asphalt racing compounds need a light heat cycle to condition, or toughen the tire for maximum performance and longevity.Often it is not possible to scuff a tire before racing, but if possible, you should follow these steps. Again, grooving helps reduce heat in the tire. I am asking $600 for the machine with the stand. Person who gave me this claims it will soften a 70 (durometer) to a 0 in about 20 minutes!

This prep machine works great, it currently is set up for Wide five wheels but an adapter can be made to except any bolt pattern.

The sipes will also allow the tread block or rib to flex more which also generates more heat. doesnt soften that much but does help bite last longer on a kart.Here's the ones kart racers use often I found on and other kart sites.2. Used the gallon can of WD40 in a spray bottle. However, if the track is taking rubber and is black slick, the track will get very abrasive and the tire can overheat and cause it to give up and not repeat. Hey guys, just trying to get some different home brews that people use so please post up your best home brew tire prep. Rear tires transfer the torque to drive the car, so when grooving rear tires the grooves should be cut perpendicular to the rotation of the tire. I requires less than 10 minutes soak time and really works. Pit Stop USA is the Online Motorsports Superstore! Scuffing brings the tire up to the lower end of its operating temperature, but not too hot. As the tire rotates and makes contact with the track the inside of the sipes will rub against each other and generate friction and heat. 3. If getting the tire to “fire quickly” is the goal, then siping is an option. The role played by tires in Dirt Late Model (DLM) racing is arguably more subtle, complex, and critical than in other forms of motorsports. However, how to prepare a tire is dependent on many variables such as track conditions and how the track will change throughout the day. Too many cuts can compromise the tread and damage the tire. Prepping a tire for dirt racing is an art form unto itself, and the rewards for learning and mastering this art form is added grip, traction, and better tire wear which yields more speed.

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