mars in revati nakshatra

Region from 80degree to 93.20 degree of the Zodiac is called Punarvasu Nakshatra. Revati is a Sampat tara for you so while Mars transits Revati (Pisces sign) his results will be favourable overall for you. Mars always indicates action and his emotional/ psychological effects are also in some way connected to ‘action’. Sometimes, you may feel low in spirit and vitality.Comprises of events likely to happen, hourly guidance & precise timeframesKnow the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental stateCheck out how well will your wavelengths with others matchStay Updated With Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Several nations will see border related tensions. So if you have to start any new project during this period take all precautions and recheck everything before you do so.

Ashvini is a Vipat Tara so Mars when transiting Ashvini can create challenging situations in your life. For sure, this year is not suitable for risky things and events. The energies are turned inwards ie not expressed outwards as they generally are.

Besides, your earnings are expected to increase, but it may not match up to your expenses. This nakshatra, as we know, is the last among nakshatras and thus has a lot to do with moksha and final enlightenment. Industrial accidents, fires, explosions are possible. Avoid sulking over petty reasons. So try to work with Mars’s transits in this spirit.To analyse how this retrograde Mars transit will be for you, find out if Mars is a benefic or Mars is going retrograde in first in Ashvini and then in RevatiAshvini is the start of the zodiac.

My Venus is in magha in 9 th house, and moon is in Moola in 4 th house. When retrograde Mars occupies Ashvini, he will distort the expression of all these qualities.

Health may be an issue and wrong medication possible.

Also, he knows the right thing to say at the right time, so he is unlikely to ever hurt anyone with his words or deeds. Those who are doing the job may get some added responsibilities. Greetings to all Quorans ! So, it’s not really a win-win game. It has a straightforward nature, light-hearted, adventurous and active. The two signs next to each other are very different in qualities. Stomach ulcers and ear problems also may cause concern.The female native of the Revati Nakshatra is headstrong, and is prone to dominating others, both at home and in her profession.

And when something new sprouts, there is always some resistance. Lucky and Auspicious Marriage Dates In 2020. Mars goes retrograde every 2yrs 2mths. When Mars is retrograde, these qualities are not expressed in a healthy manner outwards but tend to move inwards and cause psychological and physical issues if imbalanced.The general effect of this Mars retrograde will be more seen on people who have their birth Moon or On a general note, expect the economic collapse to continue.

The keywords of this lunar mansion are completion, satisfaction, nourishing, light, assimilation, awareness, collective, messages, travel, wealth, luck, pleasure, optimism, beliefs, imagination, etc. These degrees are also the Mars is about expressing yourself, more on the physical levels. You are likely to face difficult consequences in case you try something speculative. This will affect agriculture and large tracts of lands will see hunger/ famine. This page provides Mars Nakshatra Transit date and timings in the year 2020 for New Delhi, NCT, India. But he will enjoy his conjugal life, and his rapport with his wife will be quite good, as she will be of a very flexible nature.The health of the male native of the Revati Nakshatra may not be too good, as he will keep getting fever, dysentery or face problems related to his teeth and gums. But Mars loves challenges and helps break your limits and reach into new stuff, so though there may be some trouble it is ultimately for your own growth.

(There are 8 types of planetary movements which I have listed out in this In this about 5-6 month period he is going to be moving very slowly, first retrograde and then forward grinding into Pisces 21-30 deg and Aries 0-3deg. Ashvini is linked to transport, movement, medicine, trade etc so these areas may suffer generally.

Planets placed in Ketu nakshatras denote rebirth of a soul that has been born to address pending Karmas. A person born under the Revati nakshatra is fond of learning, very talented, double minded, confused, ever changing, impressive, good at premonitions, humanitarian in behaviour, sympathetic, skilled at getting his work done, religious, cautious in taking decisions, humorous, honest and able but may act mindlessly and be too logical and suspicious.

The last Nakshatra is called Revati. A planet becomes stronger when he goes retrograde. If the good and powerful planets shower their blessings on her she may even end up as a high-level diplomat in politics.The female native of the Revati Nakshatra will enjoy a very smooth and harmonious married life, enjoying all the carnal pleasures and material comforts provided by her doting husband.

It has a straightforward nature, light-hearted, adventurous and active.

Before Revati, we are creatures of … Such a person is likely to direct a lot of their energy towards dating rituals, love and relationships. You should think well before you speak with anyone and try to be precise and subjective. Because he leads an independent life, he can easily get hurt if someone tries to control his independence. But not everyone can introspect so there will be confusion.

However, she is god-fearing, superstitious, and observes all religious practices and rituals.The female native of the Revati Nakshatra is likely to be educated in the fine arts or mathematics. This native is very ambitious, and even a slight setback can make him depressed.The male native of the Revati Nakshatra is likely to jump at any opportunity to do any work, irrespective of whether he is capable of handling it or not.

Your hidden potential is brought out by the heat of Mars.

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