mary olivia cochran cushing

It was just something that happened, and now I admit that she's on a higher level than I originally thought.”His marriage in 1967 to the beautiful socialite Mary Olivia (Minnie) Cushing in Newport, R.I., was the storybook wedding of that year.

“Peter absorbed so much at the Factory,” said Colacello. The couple split three years later, and Beard entered Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic for two months after overdosing on barbiturates; he was open about his drug use over the years.“I hadn’t slept in six months,” he said of the incident in a 1975 interview with the New YorkA string of high-profile relationships followed, including with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s sister, Lee Radziwill (Jackie wrote an afterword for one of Beard’s books) and Barbara Allen, an assistant to Andy Warhol.

He has done three books on Africa, the latest of which has an afterword by Jacqueline Onassis. They wouldn't let me go outside the place for two months.”In Kenya, he made headlines in 1969 when ‐he was sentenced to 18 months in jail and 12 strokes with a cane on his bared buttocks after being found guilty of assaulting a game poacher. Newport was the Social Capital of America, where those in Society (and those wanting to be in Society) summered during the season. Beard said.Soon after, on Jan.

I had lost interest in everything.

In 1961 he befriended Karen Blixen, who wrote People are full of stories about his carousing, but his intensity as a writer, a traveler, a photographer, and an artist are what stands out for me.Beard’s cousin, the philanthropist Jerome Hill, introduced him to Salvador Dali in the early 1960s and the two became fast friends. (“The greatest African beauty I've seen in 20 years,” he proclaimed.) “He was really the first person to chronicle the decline of wildlife—the majestic mega-fauna of East Africa, elephants, lions, cheetahs—and he did it in a characteristic way, by depicting the deaths in iconic images, and writing about his own experiences, using texts from classic books related to Africa.Taschen recently reissued a book version of Beard's diaries. “I have been in debt for 20 years.

Beard is back in New York for a Whirlwind round of parties and receptions and little dinners to promote his third book on Africa. Every item on this page was chosen by a Town & Country editor. He lives on Hog Ranch, a 50‐acre compound he owns 12 miles outside of Nairobi.. He is an eccentric.Those are just a few of the reasons that Peter Beard, the 37‐year‐old photographer‐adventurer, has become the man of the hour in certain Manhattan party circles.

I can force myself, in a phony way, to enjoy this life.”He has had to force himself quite a bit lately. Beard that brings the Beautiful People to his fetes? According to “He was handsome, rich and personable, [and had] a lot of fun-loving pals,” said Theroux.

I guess it was a preview of things to come. I just put him in his own snare for an hour and a half.”Mr. “Longing for Darkness” ($19.95, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich).He insists, however, that he cannot stand all the fuss, and candidly calls his visit “my prostitution trip, a boldlaced effort to attract attention to my book.“’“I cannot stand 4111 these parties, because I'm really a pathetic person,” he said shyly the other afternoon in the Lexington Labs, 17 West 45th Street, where he was mounting an exhibition of his photographs. In 1963 they staged a mock protest of the Mona Lisa outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (the painting was on loan to the museum). “I was on a big drug trip in those days,” he recalled, “I hadn't slept for six months. He was married to the model Cheryl Tiegs for four years.

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