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I miss the world that made him. By the close of the first decade of the new century, it didn’t really matter what Michael K said or how he said it. For one thing, they were online, for another, they weren’t part of the machine. Dlisted: The Podcast; HSOTD; Open Post; Birthdays; Ellen DeGeneres; Angelina Jolie; Meghan Markle; Kanye West; Home; About; Archives; Bios; Contact; Category: Hot Slut Of The Day! And it’s not just him, it’s everything.

Michael K barely uses Twitter—you can’t write a sonnet in 140 charactersObviously, gossip columnists preceded these guys by a million years.
Meanwhile in London, the streets are flooded with slobber from tabloid editors frothing at the mouth over But it turns out this might have a touch of SKANDAL to it because You’re either looking at this picture and wondering who in the hell thought it was a good idea to put Celebrities were speaking for themselves and, when they weren’t, it wasn’t Perez adding a penile flourish with MS Paint, it was TMZ slapping up an actual penis, no comment required“I’m much more of an introvert,” he tells me from his Adam’s apple. All these huge places saw what they were doing ($$$) and started blogs of their own and basically, everything is a blog now. She was also transparent about her politics, slicing up light content with heavier issues like Black Lives Matter.

He uses theatrically vulgar camp humor, a hallmark of queer culture, but he uses it specifically to bolster “tacky glamour,” as he calls it, while tearing down privilege: shitting on Goop, thirsting after Prince Harry.

He still posts a couple times a day, but he has other writers now. Anyway, it turns out even though his traffic, which he barely checks anymore, was cut in half by Twitter, he continues to get 600,000 hits a day or “half-a-pack of Virginia Slims a year.”His site has kind of grown.
I have loved his site since at least 2006 and I can't wait to hear his podcast!

As The larger culture caught up with Michael K at the same time that it appeared to deem him irrelevant.

“Back then my site and Like we all do, Michael K feels immense pressure to cover “the heavy stuff” but he tries not to.

Everyone’s saying that this year has gone to the dogs (which is HIGHLY offensive to dogs), but I’m sorry, it has really gone to the bears. Page 1 of 3 1 ... Fresh was never vulgar that woman had serious wit. “I like it ‘cause it’s like I’m talking to my friends,” that’s what a bunch of blog readers told Erin A. Meyers who surveyed them for her book with the overly long title, But a bunch of us knew Michael K was better than that.

Michael K knows he was stealing her phrases and material because now instead of being funny he's just vulgar in his commentary.

LaineyGossip, for example, is now made up of a diverse staff of entirely of women who infuse their posts with intersectionality. View entire discussion ( 17 comments) More posts from the blogsnark community. Dlisted: The Podcast; HSOTD; Open Post; Birthdays; Lana Del Rey; Meghan Markle; Lori Loughlin; Mary-Kate Olsen; Home; About; Archives; Bios; Contact; Crackheads Gotta Stick Together. Dr. Anne Graefer, a lecturer in media theory at Birmingham City University who wrote her dissertation on humor in gossip blogs (what a world), says she found Michael K more politically correct than many of his peers.Before hashtags were even a thing, he dropped his most searched feature, blind items, because the ones about sexual assault “felt crossing a line.” And when you consider not only his sexuality but his ethnicity—his father is Japanese, his mother Spanish—it follows that he would have a marginalized gaze. Since then, we’ve added a bunch of talented writers who appreciate foolery, and also have a podcast, because infecting eyes wasn’t good enough.

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