nehalem river crawfish

Anchor the top end in 3 feet of water and grab another bit of dinner every few minutes. Does anyone else have concerns about eating crawdads out of the Tualatin? I used beef liver and chicken parts for bait. [QUOTE=tsaelee;4229448]Sure did. Put a few holes in them and put them in the cage. Also I caught alot of sturgeon, and somtimes a flounder! Nehalem is a lot of private also but has several parks that provide axcess. Thank you SCH. Tried efl,salmon creek,gee creek with not much luck. That is false information. looked secluded. Come on out! Jeannie Adkins I live on the banks of the Little Deschutes down in Sunriver and there are lots here. Any ideas would help. Any ideas would help. Not the haul I had hoped for this morning... only 5 crawdads. I tend to think the Nehelam River is hands down the best. We went crawdadding 2 weeks ago in the Nehalem. I am sure there are some in there, but I don't lnow if there are enough to warrant throwing some traps out for. Not 100% on dairy creek but have heard there is. Cully, I was using canned cat food for bait. I am not looking to eat, rather to transport to my small pond. I have searched and read both positive and negative about it. Can not believe no mention of the Wilson, absolutely out of sight. I have crawfished around here for years and never seen anything close to that other then in the areas around Luisiana. Spruce Run is where we found 'em. You can access the river at Anderson Park (turn south on either of the two streets before the Rock Creek bridge). Within 3-4 hours (overnight be better) I had six in the trap. I threw two traps in the Miama overnight with nothing to show. Find the shallower flats with rock bottom, an overnight soak and you're golden.

I also would like to find a place that's not to hard to walk/navigate. Thread starter donjduck2; Start date Jul 24, 2010; D. donjduck2 Member . But I didn't get a chance to try it. Somebody is pulling somebodies tail if ya ask me The place I found is on Johnson RD. I think it had burrowed under the sand, as I had anchored on a sandy beach to tag, bleed,weigh, gut, and there was this big crawdad, i must have disturbed him walking by. Poke several pin holes in the can, set in trap and walk away for a few hours to fish.

But take a look at this monster. LNF, North Santiam river is full of them. I dont believe for one second that the Crawdad pictured above was taken out of the tualatin river. I've never even been towards that area. anyone know where to find em on the trask wilson or kilchis? We stayed for about 3.5 hours and ended up with 3/4 of a 40 Qt cooler. Drop 8 traps or so and wait for at least'll fill a 50 quart cooler easy....shad for bait works excellent. nehalem is loaded.. we were at my buddies place out by fishawk falls last saturday, his backyard is the river... the traps we set were kinda slow so i just waded around and picked up the dads and threw em in the traps hah. anyone know where to find em on the trask wilson or kilchis? Iam going to put a trap in the lower Tualitin near West Linn this afternoon. I find a bunch on the Nestucca during this time of year. Somebody is pulling somebodies tail if ya ask me They want to make it a yearly trip now. Probably just a little early for crawdads. I just used some old piece of forgotten frozen chicken that I found.

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Oh yeah - these are bait. We used to always catch crawdads just below Spruce Run on the Main Nehalem. The Tualatin is a good option also and much closer to town. I have been seeing alot of dead ones on the banks of the columbia and snake river That way, somebody can be standing right next to one of my traps and not see it. I've done well in the Clack, above Bonnie Lure. Wanting to get more info from anyone local also. Anyone ever get crawdads there?

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