old overholt 1940

A celebration of some of the first post-prohibition production to be fully aged and sold unblended with younger spirit makes a lot of sense.Well, the bottle might have included some pre-Pro whiskey. Any ideas on whether or not they are worth anything? 6 Orange Bitters. I remember buying a bottle of OO and one of Wild Turkey Rye. It mixes marvelously into classic cocktails such as a Manhattan or a simple Old Fashioned cocktail with gum syrup and bitters; the bitters bring out layers of fruit flavors, spiced rye, and delightful herbal notes of sage and toasted spices.

Old Overholt may be the most distinguished piece of creativity to come from the tribe.Other than the Stealth F117A, that is. Confirm your address to check eligibility. In the wake of this trend, it seems every major city has a speakeasy themed bar that requires a password to enter and is tended by mustachioed and heavily tattooed bartenders, frequented by cocktail geeks perched upon the barstools showing their knowledge of obscure spirits and techniques to make clear ice (your author is guilty as charged).
So that bottle of Old Overholt from the 1940’s or 50’s may very well be pre-prohibition stuff. Bottled in bond and 100 proof 4/5 … Those distillerieswhich couldn't reach 95% sent the spirit elsewhere for redistillation. But I was there for nostalgic reasons, my Grandather was a rye drinker and I wanted it on my bar – I wondered after that exactly which rye he must have preferred… now I am really wondering…Um, Bobby, how the F*ck did you get your hands on Prohibition-era OO? The “Shenango Valley” and the “Mahoning Steel Valley” at that time still had thousands of hard working, salt of the earth steelworkers employed. It is the same plan and is the basis of the liquor tax today [i.e., circa 1940-ed.]. By law American distilleries were converted to wartime ethanol production and 95% was (then and now) pretty much the height of purity for ethyl alcohol. OLD OVERHOLT Straight Rye Whiskey - 1946 Vintage … Rye is what makes Knob Creek worth dringking. That suggests post-prohibition but pre-war. It may be a single barrel without so stating, of course.

JoeIf anyone knows where i can buy a bottle of Old Overholt Rye Whisky in southwestern Pa., please let me know. I’ve had bottles aged for different lengths from that time period.Any one know where to find this wiskey in southern cali, my natural last name is overholt, I want a bottle!I’d actually try your local Rite Aid. Apparently, a huge cash of this stuff was buried in a room beneath the estate’s carriage house floor during prohibition by Andrew Mellon, Pauls’s father. It was discovered sometime in the ’60s and bottled.

If it is also a single barrel, this would reinforce its distinctiveness. That was the first time I ever found myself crawling on all fours staring through eyes that could not see. 2 DashesBoker's Bitters. The higher proof of the Old Overholt … Soon to graduate from high school, after my last last football game played, I went to a fellow player’s house for a get together. In Stock.

A good rye whiskey was a staple in that area — not bourbon, not Canadian Whiskey and Vodka was a broad’s drink.
For several hours that evening, death would have been welcomed over the spiraling nausea ride of His awesome delirium.As for the taste, I must admit I am no connoisseur, but I did find it markedly more “vigorous” than the bourbons I had been drinking with my cokes. 2 Dashes Regan's No. This is interesting. Old Overholt Straight Rye 2008 Release: Great Earthy Rye Flavour. I worked for National Distillers in the 1970s when we owned Old Overholt. That's a good theory. At that time our biggest competitor was Sam Thompson.

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