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By 2021, sales are expected to jump to $25 billion. Review. On the exhale you taste bits of pine and a dull citrus rind. Mine is in wax form, from Trulieve. Share your location to get the most relevant content and products around you. There is some information on a strain with the same name available… no yes. On the exhale you taste bits of pine and a dull citrus rind. I love strains that make me feel via creativity and while being able to focus on one thing for a long time. Similar items. Our vision is to contribute to the space by continuing to challenge ourselves every day and bring inspiration and innovation to the Cannabis industry. The sample came as one 2 gram super dense nug, BC bud at its bestI decided to smoke and vape the strain mostly during the day because I learned its high was heavier on the Sativa side of things. I smoke somewhere close to an 8th a day of 25-30% thc bud. Papaya Cake Cartridge by Dabstract. Our products are available at both Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center and The Thomas C Slater Compassion Center. Would be a great bedtime smoke in both aspects.The stress in my life right now is just unbelievable, but I can't just zone out, as there are things I have to do. It is attained by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). The Phat Panda brand will be coming soon to the following states: California, Oregon, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and more to come.
Their focus on maintaining the natural characteristics of flavor, scent, and effects of the cannabis they process yields incredibly distinct and enjoyable concentrates, and an ever-reliable experience. Papaya strain's bodily effects are often described as narcotic. Sure, you’ve heard it from friends, but the research is also in: Cannabis and sex is a potent and pleasurable combo. If you're a fan of a chocolate sundae, you're going to be head over heels for this delicious bud. Wedding Cake is a hybrid with indica-dominance. Thanks for stopping by. Are you at least 21? Do you have first-hand knowledge of Papaya Cake? It has a high THC content of up to 20% and CBD level of 0.17%. As the resin builds you start to taste more of a sour grapefruit and pine. Papaya is an Indica dominant strain that smells and tastes strongly of mango and carries a THC count range between 20 and 25 percent. Papaya Cake has a light, cool smoke with a throat hitting black pepper spice. Bred by crossing Papaya with Purple Punch, this strain puts out a calming high perfect for winding down after a day out with friends. With a bright, clear-headed high and an eye-opening flavor, this bud is definitely one for the ages. This stuff did the trick, and I wasn't even expecting it. Smoking the Papaya Cake strain gives me an anxiety free and very relaxed high, though I feel clear and aware. Being a hybrid strain it is possible that the properties of the sativa are in play and the combination of both the indica and sativa are working well … The cannabis industry one of the fastest growing industry in the United States.

So I needed something that could calm me as much as possible without putting me right to sleep. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.© 2020 Leafly Holdings, Inc. Leafly and the Leafly logo are registered trademarks of Leafly Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Dabstract Labs creates unique, additive-free cannabis concentrates specializing in terpene extraction and single-strain specificity. It's terpene profile is papaya dominant and the exotic fruits definitely come through when smelled and smoked. Not sure it will have the same effect on you, but it's fantastic for me. The flavor is sweet and fruity, making it a tasty flower to roll up without worrying about feeling too stoned or racey. It is a cross-hybrid of Citral #13 and Ice #2. Wedding Cake, sometimes known as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, is a strain that leans on some very popular genetics to yield a balanced high and a dynamic taste.
Papaya is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is known for producing a mental calmness, though many consumers also find that this strain makes them energetic and productive. Emotionally, I feel very even keel after using it, and I am able to have the strength I need to say no to the people I need to say no to, but also have enough compassion and empathy to be loving to those that deserve it in my life right now. This strain tests at 27.39% THC and it packs a punch that all patients will love.ELO produces the highest quality cannabis and solventless concentrates for the Rhode Island medical cannabis market.

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