peacocks for sale in illinois

We must have a minimum order of 8. Holland Lops For Sale.

One of the most ornamental types of poultry in the world is the peafowl. You may need a permit. I have plenty of room and lots of love for them.

New fanciers of peacocks- family affair.

Bows Peafowl Farm has quality peafowl for sale, Peacock chicks for sale, Peacocks for sale in Texas, Peachicks for sale in Texas, Welcome to.

Call Us (800) 720-1134. preferably 2 male 2 female. First come first serve.

Pets. Shop for Peafowl and Peacocks for Sale online at Stromberg's!

Feathered & Furry Foto Farm.

Contact me at or check out our craigslist ad (nashville).I’d like to buy a minimum of one adult peacock and a couple peahens. Peafowl are native to Asia. McNabb, Illinois. Can anyone give him a good home?Hi.

We are located in Black Forest CO.Peachicks, assortment 6 or more please,35$each mix of color, white,India blue, opal,,cameo, bronze, purple, silver pied,wh.eye, whatever have hatch.also have some yearling, whites, India blue, bronze, some with wh.eye, pied.thanks DarwinLooking for a few peacocks to add to our farm. The other one is about 5 yrs old.

We carry the widest selection of rare and exotic breeds, and poutry supplies to assist homesteaders, small farmers, hobbyists and backyard flocks. We will get back to you via email as soon as possible.

The others are located in Hastings, FLWe have peachicks for sale.

I can send pictures as requested. I’ve already got a beautiful adult peahen that needs a male friend.

Thanks in advance!In search of 1 or 2 india blue peahens for my two peacocks. Originating thousands of years ago in tropical regions, these birds have been prized by everyone from the pharaohs of Egypt, to you, the poultry hobbyist. The temperature at floor level in the brooder needs to be 95-97 degrees for the first two weeks, gradually reducing the temperature by raising the heat lamp.

This assortment includes 4 peafowl and 20 guineas — our choice of three different varieties of guineas.

It is best to keep them off of dirt for the first year, for disease control.You will feed a Gamebird or Turkey Starter Feed. Cliff - 2020 Hatch India Blue Peachicks Cliff 2020 Hatch India Blue Peachicks. Males $40, females $50.I am interested in buying peachicks. Previously showed dogs in conformation for 15 years.. want this to be my family's hobby and love together. The first day you can sprinkle a very finely chopped hard boiled egg over their feed to get them started. Includes our choice of at least of two varieties from our India Blue, White, Pied, Black Shoulder, Spalding, other other varities of peafowl.Our Assorted Rare Peafowl includes our choice of at least of two varieties from these varieties: India Blue, Pied, Silver Pied, White, Cameo, Oaten, Purple and Black Shouldered peafowl.Peafowl are shipped by Priority Mail and insured: The box should be opened at the post office upon arrival.

Male and Female.Recently lost Female, Male sounding off calling for his mate. Rather have chicks to avoid the confinement of adults to get them bonded to here, my large confinement areas are limited.We have an adult India Blue Peahen we are willing to sell. Also have new chicks 3 weeks to 5 weeks old.
She was laying on a nest at the time. For over the past 50 years we have been raising peafowl. I can pay cash and pick up in my SUV. Willing to travel hoping to find some soon so the males don't take off. Have 5 peachicks for sale four whites and one Spalding 35.00 each Chester 1(318)491-2437Yearling peahens and peacocks for sale.

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