polio epidemic 1950s

Fiona Wallace, in her account of the epidemic, found a letter from one frightened Dubliner to the Department of Health, saying, “Let Cork’s own town keep their polio and not infect our clean city. Ironically my parents never realised that the very isolation of Brook Lodge, which they counted on to protect their children, put us in greater danger. I lay in a bed in a crowded ward for three weeks. But my father was wrong to think that the house was isolated. After examining the patients’ respirators, he found a handle that seemed like it might feed them air. Log in to update your newsletter preferencesPlease My mother, searching desperately for something to say that would cheer me up, said: “The driver will sound his horn and all other cars will have to get out of the way.” I was not comforted. By then polio was being rapidly eradicated. The same was true of the shops. If the epidemic goes on, in a few weeks half the shops in this street will be bankrupt.” We hurriedly bought a few essentials and headed for home.In Brook Lodge we felt safe enough.
The last major polio epidemic in Canada occurred in 1959, with nearly 2,000 paralytic cases. to your comment. Please the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. 1960s: Massive cut in polio transmission is achieved in the United States, where the vaccines are first administered. The local doctor was called.

At the height of the epidemic Dr Gerard McCarthy, the medical officer for Cork county, pointed this out, saying: “The higher the standard of living, the greater the tendency towards the disease. They were usually accompanied by subheadlines claiming that there was “No occasion for for undue alarm” and “Outbreak a mild one”.

Children moved easily from house to house. This immunises them, but while they have the disease they can carry it to others. The next victim came from Tralee in Kerry. They were worried that their children would get brain damage.”Cork is, and was, a gregarious city even by Irish standards. There are no comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts It was not surprising that my parents were astonished to find St Patrick’s Street empty when we returned from London. On this day it was agreeably empty. Of those that did have the symptoms - a headache, sore throat, mild fever and vomiting - the majority suffered no long-term ill-effects. For the first time reports of an epidemic begin to appear in the local press. Maureen O’Sullivan, the Red Cross nurse who had arranged physical training for victims in the late Fifties, remembers that “at the sight of my ambulance in their street people would think that the polio was back.

They thought that if Andrew and I did not take the trap or gig into Youghal, and kept away from the beaches, we would be all right.On the boat from Wales to Cork my father had several conversations with other passengers, who expressed, he later recalled,”the sort of apprehensions you encountered among people travelling to London from the country during the bombing”. My father had immediately telephoned the school to tell the headmaster to send him home. In this phase polio prevalence has been reduced first in richer countries and over the last decades in poorer countries around the world. And the vaccine phase that followed the introduction of vaccines in 1955. I greeted his arrival with relief. Within 24 hours he diagnosed polio. These repeated understatements somehow conveyed the very sense of fear which the newspapers were trying so hard to avoid. She said: “People were that frightened at the time that they tried to forget it. continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. They needed to do the limited amount they could for the victims of polio - and whatever the failings of Gurranebraher, treatment at St Finbarr’s was as good as anywhere in the world. Along the way, he earned the nickname “skater dude” for the rollerblade tricks he’d pull on local trails—a hobby he kept up into his 80s. Herbert Ingenkamp on being an orderly during the polio epidemic. From mid -September, whatever the reason, the local papers largely stopped reporting the epidemic.By now towns and cities in the rest of Ireland were treating people from Cork as pariahs. He still goes for the occasional jog and helps neighbours with yard work. The doctors told my mother they thought the muscles controlling my vocal cords were damaged. In working-class neighbourhoods, keys were commonly left in the door. We had not mixed enough with other children to acquire immunity.
He’d never been trained for such a situation; supposedly, there was a backup generator that would prevent a blackout from shutting the medical equipment down.

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