purple clouds dream meaning

” For example, if you dream of lying on the ground and sees clouds then this explains the point of death and a sign of meeting with the Lord soon.

This particular mentality can hinder your growing relationship with the Lord and may even cause it to eventually wither.The color pink belongs to the secondary colors. If one is indecisive or on the fence about a situation then gray can imply that feeling. They come across as moods or feelings attached to symbols that are in the dream. Dreaming about gray could represent dishonesty and trickery or believing in false doctrines.What’s really interesting is that the ancient people, such as the Hebrews, had first experienced colors through the creation of the earth.These people believed that God purposely designated these colors for a much deeper meaning and purpose than just for pure aesthetics.After the great Biblical flood, God flashed a rainbow in the sky. Table of Contents. Dreams of clouds can have two main interpretations that depend on other circumstances in the dream. A craving to explore the outdoors, escaping from the city life.

The energy is very powerful that allows you to give and receive love and for your lower energy chakras to open up.The color yellow is linked to knowledge. They may mean rise and religious feelings, and may indicate that the dreamer is obscured in his life by the influence of something or someone. Though it has both a positive and negative translation depending the context of your dream. Dreaming of this particular color brings about good news as it also symbolizes a gift from God.It could be a successful marriage, a prudent wife, an obedient child, and the like. It also represents a darkened beauty or the state of becoming comely (meaning “beautiful”), as mentioned in the bible: “I am black but comely”.On a negative side, dreaming of color black signifies lack of affluence or spiritual nourishment. Dreaming of pink though, is associated with being sensual or sensuous.To dream of this kind of color relates with the Father taking away your heart of stone and replacing it instead with one of flesh. Colors in dreams play an important role helping you better decode the dream. To dream distinctively of this color means that you are being chastened by God for it is said that the blueness of the wound cleanses the evil away.Despite of considering blue as a heavenly color, it also has its negative symbolism. The new opening of ones own mind body and soul. The bible illustrates black as the Father’s presence and secret place.This is supported by the passage “and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God was”. Bright colors would translate differently from dark or dismal colors.

This is a symbol of grounding, like dirt and trees that are firmly planted in the ground. It can be created by mixing primary colors of white for purity and red for blood. It has been known when you are driving to STOP.In essence red in dreams is a symbol of sexuality on a unconscious level, such as love and sex being positive, and anger and hate on the negative.The ancient Chinese would consider red to be good luck, where the Indian think of red as grounding. so to recap.

It can often signify the unknown or yin in Chinese culture, as the feminine side.It would relate to the moon, contracting, submission, stillness and passive.
In the book of revelations, it has been mentioned that the people’s skin were “as black as an oven because of the terrible famine”.Black is also connected to God’s judgment to His people because of their dirty ways, sinful hearts, and fraudulent lifestyle.

The color purple is a rare occurring color in nature and as a result is often seen as having sacred meaning. This is a positive color if it appears in your dream signifying healing and faith. Alodreams.com © 2016. Purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy.Relating to the Crown Chakra this symbol represents healing from above and with the world. From a psychology perspective, it is the great balance of the heart and the emotions, creating a connection between head and the heart.The green chakra represents the heart, when it is open love can enter from the divine source.
The bible describes blue as one belonging to the heavenly colors as we are told that the Lord instructed the Israelites to attach blue fringes on their garments to remind them of His 10 commandments.In this sense, we are reminded that blue is a representation of God’s spirit or word. You can dream of green grass or the blue sky but never really pay much attention to it.

Green has always been the indication to move forward in life as you drive along your life path.Alternatively green connects one to money or even the environment. Eyes are basically used forThere is a song by the band Bowling for soup titled, “High School Never Ends.”  Well, actual high school does end but theUsually, people will forget the details related to their dream once they wake up. What you normally give attention to are the stuff that are unusual and weird.

Aspects of the unconscious become conscious. Bright colors would translate differently from dark or dismal colors. Black is the darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the complete opposite to white.

In the Buddhist culture it is linked to mindfulness. The only thing they will remember would beSubscribe to receive updates about The Latest Articles from AloDreams.comSimply enter your email below to Join Other FollowersWe will send you news on a weekly basis.

Your deep and darkest feelings and secrets are blind to you. This can be linked to more creativity and being more social.Dating back to our primitive ancestors, red is a color of blood, survival and fire. It can also symbolize zeal and fervor for God’s word.Negatively, dreaming of this color could mean corruption of wealth and power.

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