radiant semi inground pool reviews

The Oasis ranks as my number two pick for semi inground pools in states with cold winters.The wall is thinner than the Aquasport 52, and the hardware is tiny sheet metal screws compared to hardware as fat as your index finger for the Aquasport 52. So here it goes.The pool looks terribly robust and measures almost or even more than two inches wide. Nice feature, but cost an extra 3k for the step, added installation, and delivery. SHAPES AND SIZES TO FIT ANY BACKYARD. Then you find out the winter cover is quite unique, and that you have to order it from your radiant dealer for a small fortune when you compare it to a regular pool cover.If you go inground of course you can just install a safety cover, same as any inground pool. A 17×32 is a good size pool, too big for the backyard I installed it in (top picture). I could have easily dug a little deeper and installed this Manufactured by an American company with real character Aquasport Pools LLC / Buster Crabbe.I would not install this pool in areas of the country where lakes and ponds freeze over during the winter.Radiant pools are attractive and are one of only three Above ground swimming pool models that can be installed entirely inground, or semi inground. Having had many career path changes over the years. Having had many career path changes over the years. At least 50% of the pool wall (26″) must be installed below the ground.

Well, that’s my whole argument… Weak Wall / High Price… If I saved you a tone of money please click the tiny little Like button just below on the left side of page 30 year veteran in the pool industry.

The I am fortunate to have access to all these models, and you will find them for sale in my Luckily for me, I can install any pool I want (*cough except Radiant), so if you were me, knowing what I know, wouldn’t you sell and recommend the best? Fenced in yards may need to install alarms on doors that lead to the backyard to meet building code. They did send me a few small pieces of aluminum to cover the most corroded areas. Round radiant pools are easier to install and simple. The new Optimum is a more environmentally friendly design, making it a better pool than the Radiant in my opinion.The Radiant Pool is the only pool with a built in wall step like an inground pool. Which one is better? Yards without fences in or only partially fenced, will either have to fence in the yard or install a perimeter fence on the top of the pool wall itself.The budget-friendly option is of course to just fence in the pool. Various sizes and install options to comply with many HOAs.

The new Optimum is the product of over five years of development, and while you would be hard pressed to see the difference. I am guessing the installer did not pour the cement caller. I did this in a video. Also a good kit will run you $5000-$9000 plus installation and excavation fees. Pools that are usually marketed as above ground pools, but are capable of being partially, or wholly installed inground.Decks cost less, as they do not require as much material for framing. I began in the pool industry, and looks like I will finish my working life in the pool industry. In preparation for my Radiant Pool Review I have spoken to a Radiant Dealer, Read the complaints posted on the This piece is not one of those click-bait articles that gets you to come here only to sing the companies praises. The Expanded Polystyrene foam core has an R-value as high as 10.

My concern is with the thickness of the aluminum sheets. When the pool is not in use, you have a backyard water feature. But the truth is and you can prove this for your self. But for a pool I am going to own for the next 30-50 years $500 or even a $1000 probably wouldn’t sway me from buying the better pool.Optimum Pools have an insulated pool wall like the Radiant.

It’s my reputation on the line after all. Sloped terrain is no longer a problem! Flip the wall on its head, and you can unbend the folded aluminum and compare the thickness to a dime. In the video I did it with the Optimum Pool wall which I think is a better version of the Radiant Pool. The Oasis/Intrepid models are a semi inground pool with a maximum installation depth of 36 inches. If you have radiant pools come over with one of their sample pool walls. I don’t think it was the pools fault.The dealer I spoke with did provide me with the pictures he took of the ice damage that happened to the Radiant Pool Wall. Round or oval! The image above: Is a sweaty amateur selfie of me getting ready to back-fill a 17x32x52 Aquasport 52 installed semi-inground. In preparation for my Radiant Pool Review I have spoken to a Radiant Dealer, Read the complaints posted on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), read up on the pool forums and to be honest I expected a lot more complaints.. In fact, two out of the three I recommend are used as in-ground-pools quite often.

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