ruler foot for brother pq1500sl

Make sure to post your questions to the comments below!Leah Day has been teaching online since 2009. Free Motion Quilting Project © 2020. Yes, ruler quilting is lots of fun, but it can be a bit tricky so I’m very glad you find this video!Do I need a single hole needle plate to use these rulers. The foot you bought w /open toe-- thats noisy & clacking?? No, you cannot use rulers with a regular darning foot because it won’t have that thick base. The free motion foot works great while FMQ, but it's so hard to see what I am doing. I’d start with a small block or fat quarter sized practice sandwich. This foot does not hop but has a height adjustment screw. So it's been 6 months already since I got my Brother PQ1500 SL and I wanted to update you all about my machine. Clear and concise. Brother PQ1500SL Parts These parts and accessories are guaranteed to fit your Brother PQ1500SL sewing machine. The additional ruler / template on the quilt will act as an extra grip, giving you more control over the quilt movement. That's frustrating.Hi Leah, enjoying your ruler work videos.

Thanks for the topic and the information. I don't care for stiff quiltsIs a ruler foot available for an older Singer 411G Slant-o-matic?I just started and I'm having an issue! The foot pushes down too hard on the quilt–can't move it easily. I've seen feet online that look like they would fit too- I wonder if it is the same one you bought.

So today let’s learn more about ruler foot quilting and how to get started with this new style of free motion quilting on our home machine with a new Quilting Basics Video:Wait? This will feel just like free motion quilting, but managing the additional ruler on top of the quilt might take awhile to get used to.I do think straight lines are the easiest so give them a go first.

My Babylock Jane has that kind of foot and I don't have a problem quilting with it. They will work, but only after you’ve had practice with smaller rulers that fit your hand better. Does that make sense?I recently received a set of quilting rulers as a gift and tried them out on a quilt I had put together about a year ago but didn’t quilt because I just couldn’t decide on a design. Any suggestions/tricks on how I can keep it in place?See if you can tighten it up more and stop it from slipping.

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It’s also designed to be 1/2 inch circle with the needle in the center, so your lines will naturally create 1/4-inch spacing when using rulers. My Janome 1600p doesn't have an open toed foot either & I'm going to get an extra foot & cut it open. Kindly suggested I find it on the Internet. The stitch is so tiny.

I have a Janome 6600 for which it appears I can purchase a ruler foot.

Those feet do not work on my Brother machine at all. She's the creator of the Free Motion Quilting Project, a blog filled with thousands of quilting tutorial videos.

Can I use a free motion foot with a ruler?A ruler foot has a much thicker base than a regular darning foot.

It starts out okay but then it slips down the shank as I quilt. Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm central. Needless to say, I struggled! Suggestions?It sounds like it's a thread problem to me. I think our machines are similar & my dealer said they are considered light industrial machines & I cannot get an open toed foot for it. Can your rulers be used with a machine with a high shank? Easy 90-day returns.

By logging into your account, you agree to our Cheers, TriciaYep, I free motion quilt with my feed dogs up, so I also ruler foot quilt with my feed dogs up. Not as radical as cutting the metal but should improve visability. For me that’s stitch length 0 (or the lowest setting) and the feed dogs covered with a But this also means that your stitch length and quality is 100% up to you. Have you ever tried this type of free motion quilting before? The first foot I used was a custom modified version of the standard Juki quilting foot but I could not have the needle fully down with the presser foot up and rulers didn't fit under it from the back.I thought I would pass on this news to you for other Juki owning followers. According to Juki it will fit the following machines:Thanks for all your wonderful videos and sharing all your tips and techniques.Excellent info Jane! The Brother Innov-is M280D is the ideal sewing, quilting and embroidery machine thanks to its range of advanced sewing capabilities. See the difference in the needle bar?On the home machine, I have a long needle bar that sticks out more than 1/2 inch to the right. Hope this helps. Is that because the length is set to O?Keep in mind this is the way free motion quilting / ruler foot quilting works. That little plastic disc that is in the original Brother fmq foot will pop out. I have been dealing with exactly the same problem the last month, I bought an old Singer 15-91 and bought the disk shaped darning foot, I could FMQ with it, but I couldn't see the needle where it touched the fabric or couldn't see beyond making it difficult to follow a pattern line.

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