saharan sand boa vs kenyan sand boa

Still, snow Kenyan sand boas can be found for a much lower price than snows of the more This is a very new morph that resembles hypomelanism. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. An isolated population of Kenyan sand boas was discovered in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. A dog’s recreational activity shouldn’t just be about fetching and taking walks. However, as is the case with most snakes – you should be careful when handling them, but we’ll get to that later.Another reason for Sand Boas being very beginner friendly is, of course, their size.
Rosy boa color morphs are different subspecies that are found in Mexico, California, and…When you think of a boa constrictor, you might imagine a huge, terrifying predator that'll squeeze you to death.

While they have pretty much the same care, they do have differences. This results in a white or grey snake with dark brown or black saddles.This is a popular morph due to how well the dark and light scales complement each other. This is a recessive trait, meaning that both parents must carry the gene for albinism for a baby to be albino. of course it can! Plants and logs are also necessary as Sand Boas are not climbing species.As for the substrate, even though their name may imply so – sand is actually not the best substrate. This is a really good coloring, especially on brighter surfaces like aspen.Kenyan Sand Boas rarely bite humans, but if they do so, then it’s because they’ve been exposed to stress. Your heater should be on at all times, especially if you have a pregnant female at your hands.Special lighting is unnecessary, Kenyan Sand Boas are quite comfortable with minimal light, and they only require some slight bright light during the day.
Kenyan Sand Boa is a live-bearing species, meaning that they don’t lay eggs, which can be a big plus, especially for beginners.Your female will try to get as much heat exposure as possible, usually hanging close to your heater, trying to give some additional heat to her babies. Kenyan sand boas are adorable little snakes, that are fairly popular in the pet trade.

If you notice that your pet has become nervous, it’s best to leave it alone for a while and come back later.Handling Kenyan Sand Boa should not be a difficult task at all.

The characteristic pure white color of a snow looks like a streak of lighting running down the spine of this pale pinkish-lavender snake.Snow morphs are quite rare and pricey.

The splash morph results in aberrant saddles. A large adult sand boa weighs about 1 pound, and it takes about 15 mice to make a pound, therefore a large sand boa can thrive on approximately 30 mice per year. Baby Kenyan Sand Boa $ 75.00 Add to cart.

If so, you are the third person this year who I have heard of that has unknowingly purchased Saharan Sand boas (AKA West African Sand boas, Mueller’s Sand boas, or Eryx Muelleri) this year. Instead of randomly-shaped blotches, the saddles become circular.This trait is also one that developed naturally in the wild. Eryx (old world sand boas): The Old World Sand Boas include 9 recognized species of Eryx hailing from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southwestern Asia, though most commonly found in the pet trade is the Kenyan (E. colubrinus). They reside is areas close to wetter areas and can withstand a little bit of fluctuation. Or are they just selling Kenyan Sand boas as Mullers to make more money or simply a mistake?As roewammi says, the tail end of a muelleri is hooked, completely unlike any other Eryx.We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. It differs in that the nuclear morph has much brighter colors. If your male seems passive and uninterested, you could try introducing a second male into the mix, which will make the first one more likely to breed, especially when he smells that another male is close-by.Now that you’ve paired your Kenyan Sand Boas together, you should see them stick cuddle with glimpses of courtship and even copulation if you’re lucky enough. Saharan Sand Boa $ 45.00 Add to cart. These boas are nocturnal so they are very active at night. However, they’re still snakes, so it’s best to keep your contact to a minimum.When handing your Sand Boa, make sure you use slow and steady movements.

Sand Boas are a popular choice among reptile enthusiasts and new reptile owners due to their even-temper, relatively small size and longevity.

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