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Even so, it’s rare for that unhappiness to take the form of a daughter eating live birds, or of an expectant mother who shrinks her foetus to the size of an almond, then spits it out. Mouthful of Birds by Samanta Schweblin Bloomsbury 240pp Published April, 2019 ISBN 9781786074560; Uncanny encounters accrue at a frenetic pace in the twenty short stories compiled in Samanta Schweblin’s Mouthful of Birds, nimbly translated into English by Megan McDowell.

Take, for example, the following exchange between father and daughter in the title story ‘Mouthful of Birds’:I fixed two cups of coffee. And De Vincenzo kept a diary with his young granddaughter, recounting the day’s events and finishing each entry with a favourite verse from poets like Alfonsina Storni or Gabriela Mistral. In Argentina this notion is enshrined in a concept known as Historically, the more cosmopolitan notion of ‘civilization’ has loomed larger in the literary imaginary: Borges and his libraries, Cortázar and his jazz, Pizarnik and her Parisian In the case of Schweblin’s work, there is an abiding interest in the tension between the place where characters find themselves (let’s call it the countryside) and a distant, more sophisticated capital: ‘The Digger’ features a protagonist who needs to escape the capital and find solace in the countryside (he doesn’t); ‘Olingiris’ tells the story of a young woman who moves from the stability of her farm to take an almost preposterous job in the city, where she painfully extracts hairs one by one; ‘Rage of Pestilence’ sees a government agent auditing a rural community at the very edges of survival; and in ‘Toward Happy Civilisation’ the protagonist is routinely stymied in his efforts to take a train to the capital – the seat of the titular happy civilisation – because the station master doesn’t have enough change to break a large bill.A common theme of these stories is that rural, decentred spaces can be inherently threatening. The pure present tense of ‘The Merman’ however, negates these characters’ pasts and futures, along with the world they exist in, leaving us with only an uncanny encounter and a menacing family dynamic, two key features that recur throughout In a collection of stories where children turn into butterflies, spurned women are exiled to highways, and relationships with mermen are presented as an enticing lifestyle choice, homes and the volatile relationships that unspool inside them remain the wellspring of Samanta Schweblin’s fiction. Samanta Schweblin has, with Mouthful of Birds, opted to do all of the above. On the whole though, endings are important to Schweblin and many of the stories in this collection harken back to an oft-quoted boxing analogy from Julio Cortázar: if the novel wins by points, the short story wins by knockout.A commonplace of colonial literature is that nothing of interest could possibly ever occur in a colonial backwater, and that culture, insofar as it exists, is made in and imported from the seat of colonial power. They skirt around what they ought to say and try to reinvent themselves and downplay their opportunities and make geographical excuses for their oddities. Now, reading If Lindsay’s novel was as much a knowing pastiche of the lost girl narrative as a compulsive repetition, the latest addition to the canon, Catherine Noske’s debut novel The Salt Madonna, quickly announces itself as a self-conscious work of genre revision.‘ Once upon a time, a girl called Mary lived on an island called Chesil,’ the framing narrator Hannah Mulvey tells us, before confessing, pages later, that Mary is not her real name.These stories are written in what might be called the deliberately unambitious style of contemporary realism.

While waiting for her brother, a woman meets a merman on a pier, flirts and considers going off with him, before her domineering brother’s untimely return puts an end to that narrative arc and the story itself. You get the sense that she feels deeply involved with her characters, even as she tortures them.These are sad stories—about women who know that their lot is to be abandoned, men who know their lot is to abandon, and children who are powerless to change anything. I loved Schweblin’s Subscribers receive quality lists of upcoming deadlines for lit mags and contests, free fiction, and exclusive content regarding writing, craft, and interviews from established authors.At The Masters Review, our mission is to support emerging writers. The protagonists of many stories find themselves trapped inside cycles they cannot change (‘Headlights’, ‘The Digger’, ‘Underground’).

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