silkie eggs for sale

postageSilkie eggs fresh fertile black and white eggs fertile and fresh. (unsexed) Little chicks will require heat for around 6 weekFertile eggs for sale- lots of breeds absolve happy to do boxes of different eggs - photo 2 and 3) silver cuckoo maran (dark chocolate brown eggs) $80 per dozen SUPER LONG WAITING LIST Jan 29, 2013 8 3 11.

Pickup near Goulburn Week old baby pullets silver laced Wyandottes... which is one of the most beautiful breed of chickens out there.

Find Silkie for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers uk at, the pet classifieds. Our little chicks hatch off many times through peak season. FOR SALE.... Plymouth Rock

Belgium D’uccle Wait lists may apply.

Orders do pile up and waiting lists get very long especially for the marans

Healthy Baby Chicks available $15 each Heritage Breeds: x australorp, isa brown, light sussex, red Rhode Island, barred rock Age: 2-3 week olds Gender: Unsexed Roosters may be returned but there will be no refunds

Fertile eggs chicken and duck,pullets,cockerels,hens,roosters,ducksFor sale Chicks hatching weekly. - photo 4) mixed colour silkie eggs mix of blue, black, white and buff $65 per dozen Due to hatch 1st of sept and taking orders.

Vorwerk Mascovy Ducklings $20 each minimum of 2 per sale.

$80 EACH Dozen ...

Also have two bloody hens with eggs who will sit soon (white hen and a buff hen). I have some fertile silkie eggs, for sale, All eggs are within 5 days old. They are frequent layers of small white or cream eggs--when they're not broody, that is!

Silkie Blue Laced red Wyandotte very high fertilization rate. The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot. Fertile CHICKEN eggs also available. See bottom of the add for availability. Jan 29, 2013. Ask about our fertile eggs as we now ship free to all of the lower 48 states. $100 per dozen $50.00. or Best Offer. We also have these eggs breeds for sale Silver Spangled Hamburg Brahma Postage costs vary depending on eggs and location We sell a variety of fertile hatching chicken eggs and poultry eggs for incubation. Up for discussion REAL show quality silkie babies assorted colors a week old also have some 3 week 3 day olds. Older poultry also available on request If there is anything you are looking for just askHere at sweetwoodlea heritage poultry we have mostly full sized breeds available but we have a few lovely bantam chicken breeds as well. Plymouth Rock

White Crested Black Polish Blue laced red WyandI have fertile purebred silkie eggs for sale for $65 a dozen.

These pet Silkie eggs will produce a wide range of colored chicks. Pick up is Wasleys SA,10 mins north of Gawler 7 Years. $4 each $20 for half dozen Please note: We do not place any guarantees once the eggs leave our hand as several factors during transpoting can impact fertilization rate I had no idea, Im new here lol Thanks for the info!! These are a very rare hard to find breed and are my favourite type of chicken overall. At the moment I have available in chicks...

Rhode Island Red - White crested black polish $65 a dozenFertile Pure Blue Brahma eggs for sale the eggs are $100 a dozen and postage is available.i am more then happy to do half dozens or mixed dozens with other breeds. Please note: We do not place any guarantees once the eggs leave our hand as several factors during transpoting can impact fertilization rateI have available fertile eggs they will be a mixed breed at the moment , the rooster we have are a silkie and a polish , and the hens are silkie, pekin , frizzle polish and bantam Wyandotte they all mingle together so they could be mixed breed eggs , the photos are the parents please these are not for sale! Shipping and handing for up to 18 eggs is $14 within the continental United States.

There are a lot of great folks on BYC that have fertile silkie eggs for sale. 6 couple of days old (variety) Eggs hatching The next batch due to hatch Monday September 1. CHICKSPurebred Silkie black and white fertile and fresh. - photo 5 and 6) lavenHealthy Baby Ducklings available $20 each Breed: Pekin Age: day olds to one week olds Gender: Unsexed Fluffed up and ready to go Pick up available as early as today Baby silkie chicks sale online

Get the best deals on Poultry Silkie Hatching Eggs when you shop the largest online selection at $25.00 for 12 eggs

PICK UP: MICKLEHAM / FOOTSCRAY / KILMORE SILKIE CHICKS - Hi I have following ages available. $18.00.

postage available. I’m selling fertile eggs not chicks, hens, roosters or chickens.

12 eggs for $25 Watch.

Uncle Bill's Farm in Iowa has been breeding, showing & selling healthy, high quality chickens and hatching eggs for 40+ years.

$25 for half dozen, $45 for a dozen.

You cant make it to the farm? Silver spangled Hamburg days olds $15 or off light $20 Silkies and frizzled Pekins chicks I am taking order at the moment. CHICKS AVAILABLE ( 4 UP TO 12 WEEKS): AUSTRALORP - $30 ISA BROWN $30 SILKIE UNSEXED - $35 SILKIE PULLET - $70 SILKIE COCKEREL $40 ALL CHICKS $25ea. pic 2,3 are the chicks we hatched. Silkie Want to hatch off your own chicks and save a few duckies? - Belgium D’uccle (black spangled and brown spangled) $65 a dozen Perfect for a broody hen or hatch in an incubator, pic 2,3 are the parents(NOT FOR SALE), pic 4,5,6,7 are the chicks we hatched, parents are not for sale. We do not guarantee shipped eggs will hatch. Do you have an extra friendly rooster?

LessFertile Eggs Silkie Bantams (Buff, Lavender, Black, Partridge)

Postage cost express

The other breeds of fertile eggs I have available: Silver spangled Hamburg

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