smacky the frog

One, it was ridiculously expensive. Their breath was extremely foul, and their teeth covered with scales, so it was time.

But wouldn’t it be fun to spend longer than a week or two out of the country?

Do you know a YouTube video for this track?

They have Smacky the Frog.

My wife has been known to watch Pride and Prejudice three or four times in a row during the course of one day. I just kinda made my way through the work, but didn’t particularly care one way or another.

We would try, but there weren’t really any games that we could really get into a grove of playing.Then last Christmas came along and Phil introduced me to Starcraft 2.

I want to talk about the singing. Probably because I go around and in my best hipster tone say, whenever anyone mentions anything that they have seen on TV, “Oh, we don’t watch TV at our house.” It absolutely drives people insane, which is probably the main reason that I do it.

As a side note, we saw it at the West Olive AMC, which is like a restaurant and a movie theater mooshed together. No thank you.So today is the day of the year where I hide in my office and pray that no one will knock on my door asking where I am.One of my favorite things that I do, as well as one of the least important (in terms of real life) is playing Starcraft 2.

It felt like all this playing had finally added up to something.

So most of the time either Phil and I play on a 2v2 team, or we play a 3v3 team with his friend Mateo. I’m just going to come out and say it.

Never has there been a frog hopping toward me, and I thought ‘man, I’d better play dead.

The aunt and former uncle both got a Bolognese dish, and I’m not sure that they liked it. And I’ve been doing that every day since August of 2010, basically. The whole thing does work as a movie, the singing, while not perfectly sweet, fits into a story that isn’t meant to be sweet, and Russell Crowe did an awesome job.A few days ago I posted about TBTL, my favorite podcast.

It’s just like a bear, but it’s a frog.

There have been good things, but some really serious disappointment. We don’t really sit down and just watch TV for hours on end.

A person of questionable monogamous practice who uses heroin. I think that right now we are leaning towards Paris, not only because it is an amazing city, but Kelly hasn’t been there and she speaks French, so it would be a much better fit.But we are also open to other ideas.

They will solve mysteries and do radio cooking shows and break the news down into two categories for you: awesome or not awesome.I’m doing a terrible job of selling it.

Some background.

Do you know the lyrics for this track? It looks gross, tastes gross, and worst of all, smells gross. And it is just a video game. Like if you can read this, you are good.I’m waiting on getting some news all figured out. Doctor Who.

This isn’t going to be a great post, and I apologize in advance. You have to draw the line somewhere.

Especially with Phil and Helen in town.

They have also compared it to your typical “hot talk” talk radio show.

)Well tonight we wandered back there, with Kelly’s parents, and her aunt and former uncle (long story).

Morning blog post will have to do.One of the things that Kelly has brought into my life since showing up almost seven years ago now is animals, specifically dogs.

We’ve been wanting to go there for a while, and actually tried a few weeks ago.

So clearly they need to get better estimating skills. to physically (and/or brutally) beat the crap out of some one. Or I’ll download them some other way.

Until then, I’m too out of sorts to concentrate enough.But don’t worry, it is a good thing that I’m waiting on.Kelly and I are leaving for Chicago this afternoon, and I have a bunch of work stuff to finish up, so I can’t write a huge post. I almost don’t know what to do in my car when I don’t have it to listen to, and when I’m cooking at night with no TBTL on, things just seem off. It is this link to the past that even I can appreciate. I’m glad they are around, and I guess now I’m a dog person.This weekend, Kelly and I went to see Les Miserables with the family.

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