spas 12 stock for mossberg 500

The recoil from the powerful gun is sent straight back into your wrist and it’s not comfortable, to say the least. The thing costs as much if not more than the gun itself.Just picked up a 590a1 and would like to know where I can get a fab defense stock.

So, I did. It only screws on one/two turns Lucky for you, there are tons and tons of options for stocks. Arguably, it was the old Remington 870 top-folding steel stock from the 70´s and legendary Franchi SPAS 12 (Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun) collapsible metal stock with a pivoting shepherd's crook' that inspired many shotgun makers to create their own top folding stocks permitting the gun to be shot one-handed from the hip quite handily. 500 26 items; 505 5 items; 510 5 items; 535 12 items; 590 15 items; 590A1 13 items; 590M 5 items; 835 12 items; 930 6 items; 935 6 items; FLEX 21 items; Maverick 88 21 items; MMR 2 items; Patriot 13 items So, when you include the price it’s hard to beat. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the product.ATI Top Folding Stock with Pistol Grip for Mossberg 500, Remington 870 and More ShotgunsATI Top Folding Stock with Pistol Grip for Mossberg 500, Remington 870 and More Shotguns When in the folded position its makes the shotgun very easy to maneuver through the house and conceal. The more vertical pistol grip of the SGA stock makes it comfortable and possible to do this without worrying about wrist discomfort or your barrel dipping.Because the vertical grip isn’t a straight 90 degrees you maintain your ability to naturally point and maneuver the shotgun. The stock can also be folded out of the way, for easier storage and a more compact package overall.The stock also integrates a recoil reducing buffer that absorbs shock when the stock is extend. The Ergo grip adapter is a 4-ounce piece of glass filled polymer and a screw that has the ability to allow some extreme customization of your Mossberg 500. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. You also get sling loops and the ability to add cheek risers to make using optics easier. Also purchased and installed the extra shot holder for the stock. Included in the kit is an 18-inch barrel, a magazine with a capacity of either five or ten rounds (your choice). The Magpul stock is respected so much that Mossberg even offers a factory Magpul model with the SGA Stock and pump.I said at the top of this article that the Shockwave was the best pistol grip for a budget.But do you want to know what the best pistol grip option is, period? However, the top folding stock serves the purpose, and its functionality is perfectly allowing a shooter to go from Pistol Grip Only (PGO) firearm to a full-length stock with a push of a button. The Knoxx Grip is something else entirely. The Shockwave Raptor grip isn’t a stock, but it attaches to the rear of your Mossberg 500. Plus, it looks cool, and looking cool is half the battle.There is a classic debate between traditional shotgun stocks and pistol grip shotgun stocks. I purchased this stock for a Mossberg 500 for HD. That stock looks amazing!Bought the Blackhawk Compstock. Quick video on how install the ATI folding stock on the Mossberg 500 A, 12 gauge pump shotgun This feels odd the first few times, but you get used to it fast.What you’ll also get used to is the recoil reduction, in fact, you’ll learn to love it. He’s a lifelong shooter who just happened to be mediocre enough with a gun and a keyboard to combine the two and write. The website ordering was straightforward to navigate, and the free shipping got the stock to my home in 3 days. I was looking into getting a new stock/pistol grip kind of fancy Pro Operator type; you know greyman status. Each pin that anchors a rotating part is thick and made of polymer, secured with steel screws, but fits through all rotating faces so the stock’s pieces are secured together with separate torq...Read More Read more aboutThe ATI folding stock works great. It points naturally and provides excellent one-handed control.The Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun requires two hands, but in some situations, you may be forced to utilize one hand to open a door, shield a child, or climb a tree stand. Thanks in advance for your answers..If any of you buy one of these butt stocks for your Mossberg, I'll buy your old one for $25.00 (including postage) if in excellent condition.Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time).And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear.I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site.

The folding stock is irreplaceable in an urban setting when space restriction does not allow a full-length shotgun while still having a stock that is functional when needed. This Remington 870 top folding stock is of high quality and easy to install. I don’t have any personal experience with this stock, but it uses the same buffer so recoil reduction will be top notch.My first experience with any recoil reducing stock was the Blackhawk Compstock, at the time I didn’t believe these things work. Mossberg 500 tactical forend. Likewise, some stocks are made for use with body armor and some stocks are not. The recoil reduction allows you to fire rapidly, with better accuracy and control. There are just so many of them out there we couldn’t possibly list them all.

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