steering wheel rotation degrees

Recommend rotation degree What rotation degree do you guys use for your wheel? The larger this deadzone, the more the brakes will need to be pressed before the car begins to slow. The larger this deadzone, the less the brakes need to be pressed for the car to brake as sharply as possible.This sets the size of the inner deadzone for clutch. Lower values provide more prominent understeer feeling.In FH4 this feedback understeer acts as a multiplier of the mechanical trail; the higher the value the more consistent the FFB will feel across the slip range and will remain higher when the peak of alignment is exceeded.Force Feedback Understeer is intended to allow you to find a balance between pneumatic trail and mechanical trail. A steering ratio for a normal passenger car could for example 13:1, which means that 13 degrees of steering rotation are required to turn the wheels by 1 degree. In other words, how many degrees of steering wheel turn are required to turn the car’s wheels by 1 degree. If you have far too much oversteer, change the setup of your car (spring, anti-roll bar, differential accel/decel, camber front/rear, toe, front/rear damper) to fix the issue and make the car drive as you like, same as when you want to fix understeer. Drifters may prefer to run understeer higher than default to have more alignment force (basically feels the same as having more caster).This sets the pneumatic trail align torque, which scales the build-up of Force Feedback with lateral load. The larger this deadzone, the less e-brake input will be recognized by the game. Again, if you have too much understeer/oversteer in your car, it is not the FFB that is doing it, it is the car setup.

If a truck had a low steering ratio, it would be very hard to turn the steering wheel. The larger this deadzone, the more the throttle will need to be pressed before the car begins to accelerate. No longer necessary to adjust the steering wheel range. This is NOT an overall gain on forces. Too high a value reduces the dynamic align torque you feel from the car’s tires.Essentially, the spring is the force pulling the steering wheel toward center; that is to say gravity through caster, KPI and scrub radius (the distance in front view between a car’s king pin axis and the center of the contact patch of the wheel, where both would theoretically touch the road). The larger this deadzone, the less the throttle will need to be pressed for the car to accelerate as fast as possible.This sets the size of the inner deadzone for brakes. In other words, how many degrees of steering wheel turn are required to turn the car’s wheels by 1 degree. We recommend you leave it alone or turn it down.This sets the resistance to the movement of your steering wheel.

A point of confusion among wheel users is the fact that the driver’s hand animations in cockpit view don’t turn the steering wheel more than 90 degrees in either direction.

Lower values provide more accuracy near the center but less accuracy near full lock. In FH4 the FFB output is set to be in line with the physics input by default (50), so while it may feel weak, it doesn’t saturate your wheel’s FFB motor when you are driving. A lower steering ratio means that the steering wheel is turned less to get the wheels turning, but it will be harder to turn the steering wheel. The larger this value, the more of the car’s align torque you will sense through your wheel. At default setting, this shape is not altered from what happens in physics and is the recommended setting. Steering ratio refers to the ratio between the turn of the steering wheel (in degrees) or handlebars and the turn of the wheels (in degrees). The faster you go, the less center spring force you should feel, and the more you feel from the tires steering themselves.TIP: We recommend that you NOT turn Center Spring Scale up significantly - too high and this effectively cancels dynamic FFB - the only force you feel is your wheel trying to center itself, rather than the dynamic align torque at from the car’s wheels. This does NOT scale Damper or Spring effects.

This is one of the reasons a dashboard camera view has been added to game camera views.Altering the sensitivity completely alters the input/output map of the steering, effectively changing the steering ratio of the car. The larger this deadzone, the more the e-brake input will need to be actuated before the car’s e-brake will begin to apply. Center strength of align torque falls into the Force Feedback slider. Lower values provide a more linear response curve and a lighter feeling.At default setting, no changes are applied to the FFB from physics. If the physics input torque is 1 and you are running 100% of FFB scale, the result is 1.

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