suzuki boulevard c90 oil capacity

All these can be easily removed form the bike and the C90T can become a C90 for a more svelte look in the urban environment.

The T version of the Boulevard C90 introduces, as always, amenities meant to make life easier and more pleasurable when traveling in the seat of this bike. Because some riders would like to ride it far right out of the box, the bike arrives equipped for the road ex works. Suzuki C90 Oil Change and Final Gear Oil Boulevard - YouTube Add in rich cast wheels, whitewalls, rider floorboards and the might of the 1492cc air and oil-cooled v-twin and start thinking about your next destination. Come join the discussion about performance, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! You're spending your hard-earned money on 1462 cc of air and oil-cooled nerve, with the v-twin mated to a classic manual 5-speed transmission and a shaft final drive. The seats, saddlebags and backrest are all adorned with shiny metal studs, which are a neat complement to the overall styling of the bike. They included a tall, removable windscreen which adds solid weather protection for the rider and leather-clad hard saddlebags which provide generous storage for personal gear during longer trips or... some shopping. The 2006 MY Boulevard C90 is built for being ridden hard, and it is waiting for you to do so.

I want to change the oil and filter, but don't know the oil capacity for the C90With filter change- 4.5 quarts. The 2005 MY Boulevard C90 is again, a new badge for the old Intruder, this time the 1500 one.

If you're into mean, dark machines, then the 2013 MY Boulevard C90T B.O.S.S. This doesn't change the 1475cc v-twin engine, its manual 5-speed transmission or the convenient shaft drive. Welcome to big-bore touring grunt, and here's Suzuki' proposal for the 2013 season, the new Boulevard C90T. Retro looks however are complemented by massive engine power and torque, racing-derived fuel injection, precise transmission and solid, predictable braking power that's inspiring and reassuring. All leather parts have received metal studs for a classic look, and you're sort of ready to roll straight from the box. Equipped with a tall windscreen and ABS plastic saddlebags finished in saddle-matching leather, the Boulevard C90T also brings rider floorboards and ample handlebars for effortless steering around sharp bends. This means a tall windscreen with a chrome garnish, studded seats for both rider and companion, studded backrest and leather saddlebags and classy whitewall tires. They forgot to give me the owners manual. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for riders who want the most from their 2008 SUZUKI Boulevard C90. is definitely your thing. Not only has Suzuki added leather saddlebags and a generous passenger backrest to the C90, but has also thrown in a handful of shiny metal studs to make everything look sharp, The name says pretty much all there is to know about the 2008 model year Boulevard C90 Black... on an aesthetic level. With filter change- 4.5 quarts. The 2008 MY Boulevard C90T brings both touring convenience and improved styling to the air/oil-cooled cruiser segment. Add in a clutch assist system, plush seating, top-notch fuel injection for the beefy liquid-cooled v-twin, 5-speed transmission with shaft drive and power and torque to spare for both fast highway hauls and city rides. Low, with rich details and accents, yet boasting contemporary cast wheels and making liberal use of chrome, the 2008 MY Boulevard C90 is the perfect stylish ride for the city, while it will also be a great choice for longer outings, especially if you go for a third-party luggage system. Basically, the 2005 MY Boulevard C90 is where classic styling meets modern performance. The Boulevard C90T is ready for the vacation and it waiting for you to fill up the tank and pull the throttle. Special edition bikes are almost a fetish for Suzuki, so learning about the fact that Hamamatsu planned a 2006 MY Boulevard C90 Black should not be such a big surprise to anyone. The 2006 MY bike carries on all the fancy features of the standard C90, plus some extra touring amenities meant to make life on two-wheels easier.

Hop aboard the 2015 MY Boulevard C90T, a mighty machine which is waiting for the next destination. Feel like riding a powerful cruiser that's ready to tackle the next thousands of miles and provide you with amazing memories... time and again? And the gear position indicator is standard, too. Nothing is changed in the engineering department, as the only upgrades the Boulevard C90 Black received are the same the base version received: the front brake master cylinder, brake lever, clutch lever and handlebar switches come with a new design. The front brake master cylinder, brake lever, clutch lever and handlebar switches are of course upgraded, just like those of the base version. They resist the devastating effects of extreme heat, even in rally or parade traffic on hot days. To maximize the absorption of air to obtain the best power and torque, the 2019 Suzuki Boulevard C90 BOSS Cruiser has a unique system that uses three independent air filter boxes to supply air to the engine. Not only you'll benefit from the acclaimed grunt of this cruiser, but also the touring amenities you need to get going. The air intake system can increase the output of the engine without sacrificing style or fuel tank capacity. The bike has a 5-speed transmission. stands for Blacked Out Special Suzuki and the name alone should be enough to raise your interest. which are not black. Power was moderated via the Wet multi-disc, manual. how many quarts of oil in suzuki C90 how many quarts of oil in 2006 suzuki C90 - Suzuki 2005 Boulevard C90T question The only thing missing from the retro picture are the wire spoked wheels, but the new Boulevard machines are not meant to be replicas of old-school bikes.

Modern cast wheels are shod with beefy tires, shrouded by deeply-valanced fenders and whose finish is matched by polished metal and chrome accents all over the bike. Some might consider the 2013 MY Boulevard C90T more of a statement.... and probably be right.

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