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He’ll charm the closest character.Use Fast Pass and Human Kite’s healing powers to revive the good guys after knocking them out, then use Call Girl to lower the defenses on Super Craig or Captain Diabetes. Defeat them both!Any damage you do to Kyle will only hurt the Coon! Luckily Professor Chaos and Call Girl are still on your side. After being eaten, more cops will appear – after flashbanging the area and forcing your entire team into the red zone. When you make your character you get to choose your starting class. Clyde is tougher, but when he’s alone, he can’t put up much of a fight. Go into the fight with; The Coon, The Human Kite and Captain Diabetes.In the first round, Randy will knock out Captain Diabetes in one hit! Don’t skip that turn, just let him get knocked back into the pile of weed. There’s no way to know! I'm currently doing a playthrough on Mastermind difficulty, and this worked, so it should help you. If you get too close to Butters, he’ll hit you with his swinging arms. His HP are all that matter. While you will have more character classes you can choose from later in the game, your first encounter with classes will only offer three to choose from. Don’t let that happen – Use Protection on Captain Diabetes – the Human Kite can grant some extra shields that will help your little friend survive. Shortly after starting South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you will have to choose one of three character classes. In fact, you should only attack the cultists to knock them into the danger area. I recommend using Call Girl and Captain Diabetes for this fight. Congratulations! They’re pretty tough, and Timothy will join too! I succeeded after using the plantmancer ability that pushes people back a square and pretty much used that ability as much as I could while getting my teammates to safety. Take off 600 HP, and Phase 2 will begin.For Phase 2, Butters loses his legs but gains a group of healer minions.

Keep moving out of the red zones to stay alive – or use your TimeFart powers if you’re in a tricky situation. Cartman will go down eventually.Mitch Conner has done the unthinkable. All those extra enemy turns are a huge pain.Back on the street outside of Mitch Conner’s inauguration, Kyle confronts Cartman – but there’s a twist. Chaos can attack multiple times per turn. After dealing enough damage, Jared will summon two aides – they’re not too tough, but they’ll heal Jared, so you need to defeat them as quickly as possible.Save your ultimates and try to use them against Jared’s aides. After taking out the first wave, Super Craig and Captain Diabetes will join the fight. Save your ultimate to confuse everyone, or wipe out groups of cops if they’re overwhelming your team.Feed 5 cops to Shub-Niggurath, and Scrambles is finally free! You’ve saved the day and escaped the lab, but this isn’t the end.The Satanic Woodland Critters surround you, and after some quick prayer, Santa will arrive as a playable hero that will help you. Use your Day-To-Night TimeFart again, and Alternate Human Kite will be vulnerable for a short time. This South Park The Fractured But Whole Classes Guide will answer all your questions with details on every class in South Park The Fractured But Whole including what classes work well together and what effects their abilities have. When the turn is over, she’ll butt-slam the ground and cause a damaging attack. Knockback attacks are especially useful! i´ve rage quitted 2 times... Tupperware is great for his switch places skill. These tips will help both in combat, and with equipping your character so you're as prepared as possible.

... and if you have a class with knockback use that, knock dudes into the monsters line of fire = profit #1. Stay alive, use Chill on the big bear, and unleash Ultimate attacks to wipe out the right side. That way you’ll have everyone on your team!Focus on beating up Doctor Timothy. He’s disgusting, a takes up two vertical spaces on the arena. Oct 23, 2017 @ 9:37am That was the first truly difficult fight. Don't be afraid to end your turns without taking any action. So is Mysterion. Use Cartman’s ability to switch places with enemies to move further on a turn. I placed Mysterion and Call Girl into my party, maybe it helps to use Token too since he can switch places with enemies as well. In the quirky and hilariously inappropriate game South Park: The Fractured But Whole puts the player in the shoes of the New Kid struggling to save the town from crime, villainy, and chaos. To do this the player must become a superhero and adopt one of 12 archetypes each … You’ll get a new team of heroes to help you out – the minions are easy to take care of. After a few turns, he’ll spit them out if they enter the devour zone, so you can revive them later. #5. Once they’re down, you can pile-on Jared and defeat him fast.Shub-Niggurath demands black flesh?

Fastpass and Cartman are good.

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