ti watching a hippopotamus hunt

With the Egyptian piece you can see the texture in the limestone medium that they chose to carve into.

As for the Bull Leaping fresco is from the Palace Complex of Crete Greece.Both piece have a painted value to each. You can really see how they look like the Egyptians influenced the Minoans. Every piece of art has something to communicate and something to relate to.I am doing option number one and I will be comparing the Egyptian Ti Watching A Hippopotamus Hunt from the Fifth Dynasty with the Minoan Bull Leaping from the late Minoan Period. It shows strength between a man and beast. The men appear to hunt a large number of lions. Traveling so much makes me feel like I’m looking for Carmen Sandiego. They both have a strong male controlling a beast of sorts. Rassam, initially, did not recognize who is the king. Head of Senusret III; Rock-Cut Tombs at Beni Hasan; Funerary Stele; The New Kingdom. To link to this object, paste this link in email, IM or document To embed this object, paste this HTML in website . But I digress. In both pieces they use very rich color and textures to illustrate the story they want to tell.

The main portion of the northern wall of the offering hall is dominated by a beautiful relief of Ti standing on a papyrus boat presiding over a hippopotamus hunt. It is interesting how distance does not affect how the Minoans may have been influenced, seeing’s that at the time trading was big with the Minoans.First lets talk about the style of the two pieces. © All right reserved 2016 I hope you’re kind of seeing why art history is fun. Painted limestone relief, height approx.

Knowing that the Minoans traded a lot by sea one could see how the Egyptians could easily influence the Minoans in this fresco. One cause really see in the texture and color and also in the figures themselves the Egyptians highly influenced the Minoans.

These two pieces have very interesting similarities and differences being from two different continents. It's true! a. only by the ka of the deceased b. by no one c. by those who discovered the tomb thousands of years later d. by priests who came often to the tomb to perform rituals e. by visitors to the nobleman's tomb .

Egyptian relief work, such as Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt (fig. Reference URL Add tags Comment Rate. As for the Minoans they painted right onto the wall but again using dark colors and almost gold’s.

1.21), was meant to be seen _____. They Egyptians actually cut into the limestone and then painted over it with dark reds and yellows. I really like how you went into how specific the art is. He made copies of the cuneiform inscriptions written on the Palace’s reliefs and sent them to Henry Rawlinson (1810-1895), the British consul in Baghdad. Papyrus stands erect behind the boat which floats on a swamp full of different types of fish, hippopotomi and a crocodile. I’m going to zip on by straight from 22,000 BCE to about 3000 BCE to the great land of Egypt. From the color, to the location, the artwork each has something about it that put it apart from the other. Ti watching a hippopotamus hunt, 2450-2350 BCE, painted limestone, relief in the mastaba of Ti, Saqqara, Egypt. Tomb of Ti, Saqqara, [Egypt], painted limestone relief, Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt.

As for the Bull Leaping fresco is from the Palace Complex of Crete Greece. The Ti Watching A Hippopotamus Hunt was in the tomb of Ti in Saqqara Egypt from the Fifth Dynasty. Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt; The Middle Kingdom. I think when you wrote about how each illustrates a story they want to tell was a great observation. Education Base by When looking at the Ti Watching A Hippopotamus Hunt and the Bull Leaping, they both show a story of a male working against a beast of some kind. The only thing separating the two different states is the Mediterranean Sea. Home Visual Resources Center Digital Image Collection Tomb of Ti, Saqqara, [Egypt], painted limestone relief, Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt. There are patterns and animals on the patterns making the texture of the piece pop out more.

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