vog panels for mobile homes

Painting vinyl mobile home walls is one of the easiest mobile home upgrades that most homeowners can do on their own, and MHVillager will show you how in this handy guide. It’s up to you whether or not to remove the battens.Choose high-quality paint and primer, as cheaper varieties tend to flake and provide uneven coverage on vinyl walls.You’ll want to give some thought to your choice of colors before buying painting supplies. Get the latest home buying, renting, and selling insights delivered right to your inbox. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.Painting the interior walls of a manufactured home is an excellent way to make the space yours and create a signature look for your home. Different is Good.

One irritant found in mobile homes is formaldehyde.
If you’re going to remove battens, make sure to read the next section, or skip it if you plan to leave them attached.

Vinyl on gypsum panels is typically 5/16″ thick with a glossy paper coating. However, removing battens can be time-consuming and requires the homeowner to tape and patch the wall seams with drywall compound. The wood paneling in mobile homes is typically laminate and has deep grooves every few inches to create a look of single board tongue and groove in various widths. Place drop cloths on your furniture and floors to protect them. Painting vinyl-on-gypsum isn’t substantially different from painting drywall in most ways, but there are several key things to keep in mind:VOG walls can be damaged just like drywall, so use extra care at all points during the painting process and don’t sand your walls if possible.Typically, the seams of VOG panels will be covered by plastic strips called battens. A similar matching covering is on the batten strips used between the VOG wall-board sections, to give it a more finished look. The old-fashioned way is to get some paint swatches from a hardware store and compare them, but many homeowners also like to use the offered by major paint manufacturers and hardware stores to get a more complete picture of how their new colors will look.Before painting your walls, you’ll need to put together the right supplies. However, it’s not uncommon for wall panels to become damaged. It is one of two primary forms of interior wall systems, the other being finished (“taped and textured”) drywall. Make sure to check out our articles on replacing manufactured home siding and We make it easy to stay updated with all things manufactured housing. While it’s true that you may be able to get away with purchasing parts designed for a single-family home in some cases, you’ll likely have to do some modifying to the part to get it to work in your mobile home.

Removing them can be a time-consuming process, but some homeowners prefer to paint without them. Once people ‘understand’ the benefits and value, the appeal and interest in VOG grows. Photo credit: 1 Creation Construction. We’ll note too the growing use of painted drywall. The vinyl-on-gypsum (VOG) wall panels used in most manufactured homes can easily be painted, provided you know a little bit of key information. The gypsum board in VOG panels stands up to everyday bumps well enough, but heavier impacts can cause the boards to crack. If it gets dirty, you can clean VOG with a damp cloth or a spray cleaner product such as 409 and a sponge. mobile home university.
You should have:Once you’ve assembled the right supplies, it’s time to prep your walls.Preparing your walls will make your paint job smoother and more durable. VOG panels are a widely used and cost-effective building material used in manufactured homes, and when properly cared for, they can last for decades. 7. Where can we buy the VOG panels … Easier to keep up, no need to paint (but you can paint it, if you want to do so).Millions have manufactured homes that feature VOG. bjy. You’ll need to decide whether or to remove the battens from your walls. Reclaimed Boston Harbor Oak Wall Paneling Installed Lobby . Plus New Manufactured Home Resident’s Video StoryVOG – What? VOG stands for Vinyl on Gypsum (or vinyl over gypsum). What are VOG wall panels and why are they used in mobile homes? 10. 5. As Jean explains, electrician are routinely around new ‘stick built’ (aka conventional home) construction, and so they especially appreciate they value found in their new factory-crafted home.

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