what color will my boxer puppies be

However, the nose, lips, eye rims will be brown - readily identifying the dog as being genetically brown. Two white Boxers will always produce 100% white puppies. This should not extend past your boxer puppy’s muzzle. Boxer Dog Breed Information. X-rays can diagnose the condition.Boxers seem to be unusually prone to developing chronic kidney disease, which is progressive and can be fatal.Boxers can develop low thyroid function, which may relate to autoimmune malfunction, tumors or possibly other underlying reasons. The color of a Boxer's coat has nothing to do with the wonderful Boxer personality we all love!! THE WHITE BOXER. Perhaps the best example is the Dalmatian, which isn't born with its telltale black or liver spots. It’s also a large, powerful dog.While this may not present problems as a puppy, a bouncing, leaping Boxer dog isn’t an ideal choice for families with small children.Similarly, the Boxer’s high prey drive may put other vulnerable family pets such as cats and small mammals at risk.However, this dog’s innate patience, gentleness and protective qualities can make the Boxer a great family pet for older children who aren’t quite so fragile.Boxers tend to do well with other Boxers so long as they are opposite genders.Same-gender Boxers are known to be somewhat intolerant of each other.Both the white male and white female Boxer dog can make a good family watchdog.These dogs are naturally predisposed to guard and protect “their” people and home.For this reason, early and ongoing training and socialization is a vital part of helping your white Boxer learn how to welcome guests.And be a healthy and productive member of your family and the local community.For a Boxer, often this means barking to alert you when a stranger is present or if something seems amiss.Too much barking may indicate your Boxer is bored or lonely.In addition to strategic barking, you can expect your Boxer to drool more than a bit.Many owners also report that Boxers tend to snore, which may be due to having the shortened muzzle The white Boxer, like all Boxers, can be stubborn during training.This is especially true during the short attention span puppyhood phase!Boxers can be independent thinkers, and this arises from their breed history as a hunting dog bred to hunt prey far ahead of their people.Boxers do best in training when you keep each session fresh and interesting and avoid too much repetition.The Boxer is a flat-out amazing canine athlete and will enjoy and excel in canine sports like agility and search-and-rescue.These dogs are also top picks for K-9 and service dog roles.Because of the Boxer’s long history as a working dog breed bred to run and chase game, your Boxer will need plenty of daily exercise and activity.These dogs love to play, jump, run and chase and you should make sure your yard is escape-proof before letting your Boxer out.Because of the Boxer’s drive to run and run, never let your dog off-leash!Most purebred dog breeds have certain health concerns that are associated with breed.Because white Boxer dogs can have a higher susceptibility to deafness, ethical breeders do not use white Boxer dogs in their breeding stock.However, this does not mean Boxer parent dogs with other coat colors will not produce white Boxer puppies.As long as all other health tests come back clear, white Boxer puppies can make wonderful pet dogs and have the same 10 to 12-year average life expectancy as do all other Boxer dogs.Boxers can be particularly prone to developing heart disease, including aortic stenosis, which is often initially detectable during routine veterinary exams when the vet hears a heart murmur. This loyal breed is bold, friendly and independent. All puppies are born with blu eyes like a human baby, then change over the next several months into the color they will be as adults. Puppy Coat Color Calculator .

For many years white and check Boxer puppies were culled by most breeders at birth. Often murmurs related to aortic stenosis, which are different than puppy heart murmurs that resolve with age, are not detectable until the Boxer is an adult.Another all-too-common heart issue is cardiomyopathy, which is often detectable via heart arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat. They typically result from breeding acceptable boxers with a high proportion of white.

Around the age of 7 or 8 weeks is the perfect time to introduce a puppy to his new home. 7 to 8 weeks: The diaper brigade. The AKC will deny registration for any puppies born to a registered white Boxer. These include the brown and white Boxer dog, the black and white Boxer dog, the brindle and the fawn. Colorsmarkings Keefer Kennels. My fawn was bred with a sealed brindle, maybe more fawn than brindle or maybe more brindle than fawn? Boxer dogs that exhibit signs of weakness, lethargy, or collapse may be suffering from early stage cardiomyopathy.Boxer dogs can also contract cancer in nearly every major organ or body system.

puppies born are white, being most common in flashy to flashy breeding, due to the original Boxer ancestors being white.Although there is a tendency to deafness in all white dogs and cats, deafness can be discovered at a very young age and deaf puppies can be placed in loving, caring homes.All white and check Boxers are placed on a spay/neuter basis and are not bred.

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