what do wild turkeys eat

Turkeys like to eat the growing tips of the grass. I'm on a tiny piece of property (40x100) so there's not much room to plant a heck of a lot or places birds could put nests once the bird houses are gone. Therefore, it is important to maintain the health and conditions of wild turkeys and their habitats. We were elated when the last day of turkey season was past and all of the turkeys were still making their daily visits. We don’t know what happened to these birds, but after the first two weeks of small game season our flock had been reduced to 21 birds.
The displaying tom struts about, often approaching a hen.

During the fall, when food was relatively abundant, the turkeys ate cracked corn and tended to pass over sunflower seed, pumpkin and pumpkin seed, popcorn, corn on the cob, cooked rice, and bread. Turkeys are the only animals that I have that will eat lemon balm, which is good because I was on the way to having nothing but lemon balm in some areas, since it reproduces like a weed, but they are eating it faster than it can grow. I have never eaten roasted wild turkey. The following day, they did come in, spending an hour feeding in this area.I put out more acorns, and the wild turkeys continued to return for the next few days, staying each day for 30 to 60 minutes before moving on. This family group returned the following day and the day after that. When the turkeys again came to our yard, there were 24 in all, and they all seemed about the same size. In early August, however, four adult wild turkeys showed up with at least 14 young birds about half the size of the adults.

Then as the temperature gets warmer for spring to summer, these plants can attract insects into Turkey’s habitats. To our concern, we found that there was a fall hunting season on wild turkeys in our county. Gobble, gobble!
They stayed around for 30 minutes, then marched off into the woods. Turkeys eat seeds from grasses and sedges during the springtime. Hens frequently do not have beards. I took two similar patches of ground, each about five feet by five feet in size. They moved about rapidly within their group, making a count difficult. ?I found where he lives, then I keep him up all day by singing at full volume! I love watching the birds in my backyard even though I don't get a very big variety.that is a nice fix, I have the same issue and my titmice will not return! Turkeys live in hardwood forests, preferably areas composed of 30-50% of mature forests. I put some of these acorns where the wild turkeys had been foraging, hoping that they might return.

Our elation was premature, however, since the small game season that followed ended in the loss of three of our turkeys. I have lived here for more than 20 years and, for the first two decades, had never seen a wild turkey within 20 miles.In mid-December a few years ago, six wild turkeys, all appearing to be first-year birds, marched up our hill and stopped to eat some acorns on the ground. During this time, it was a pleasure to hear turkey gobbles echo over our hillside in the early morning.The turkeys continued to make their daily visits as spring went on, but instead of our group of six, only one or two birds would show up. Turkeys play such a crucial role in the environment, so it is important to give wild turkeys food to establish a healthy habitat and to ensure the peak condition of their ecosystem. Turkeys eat a … Since their diets rely heavily on nuts, you may want to plant more native oats such as chestnut oak, red oak, and black oak. What else could it be? There were other times when our efforts to account for all our turkeys resulted in our finding one or two sitting on the hill and not coming to feed with the others. We were surprised to hear the turkeys gobbling in the fall and occasionally displaying during November and December.Being a scientist at heart, I thought it would be interesting to get an idea about the feeding preferences of these turkeys. Let us know if you found this guide to preserving the diet and lifestyle of wild turkeys to be helpful. My house is on a parcel of wooded hillside about 5½ acres in area, made up mostly of maple and oak, with a small stream at the bottom of the hill. To break up turkey roosts on decks or roofs, making loud noises or spraying them with a water hose is usually all that’s needed, although sometimes a follow-up treatment might be necessary.

During severe storms, they will stay in the trees, sheltering themselves from the weather as much as possible. We hoped we could get our turkeys through the hunting season without significant loss or without the entire flock being chased away. All of the turkeys appeared to escape safely, but they did not return again for about five weeks. They do most of their foraging on the ground, but can fly up into trees. Overall, a Wild Turkey’s diet is made of 90% plants and 10% animals. Much like chickens, turkeys are omnivores and feed on a variety of plants, insects, and invertebrates. They will also enjoy any kitchen or garden scraps: lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn, summer squash, and so on.

Deer and Wild Turkeys can be especially hard hit if the snow is deep. Of course, maybe it was coyotes or foxes that took the turkeys. Mayhem ensued, with large and small turkeys running, fluttering, and flying in all directions. If I approached the group, the lookouts would start to utter clucks, and the feeding birds would raise their heads in alarm. Turkeys play such a crucial role in the environment, so it is important to give wild turkeys food to establish a healthy habitat and to ensure the peak condition of their ecosystem. Then, the toms puff up like round balls, with their tails up and fanned, their wings drooping at their sides. The face and eyebrow area become bright white and the wattles a more prominent red.

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