what episode does boruto fight kawaki

Kawaki is a young man with bushy black hair, the sides of which are shaven and blonde in color, a dagger-like mark under his left eye, and a pair of piercings on his right eyebrow. It is preceded by the Ao Arc. As the shinobi quickly evacuated the civilians, with the order not to engage Isshiki, Isshiki soon approached two shinobi and easily neutralised thrown shuriken and used them to kill the other before getting the information that they weren't given any info on Kawaki and proceeding to find those who were. Sasuke told Boruto he and Naruto would gladly die at Isshiki's hands to protect Konoha and told him if he had the same will just as Isshiki finally appeared in Konoha and Ino notified Naruto.

Amado also revealed that the Kāma is a seal that compresses the biological profile of an Ōtsutsuki and once implanted on a target, would allow the Ōtsutsuki to resurrect in time upon completely overriding the host's personality: As such, Boruto would eventually cease to exist and Momoshiki would revive. Amado then revealed that he never planted a bomb collar on Shikadai and it was just a sophisticated trick, as he knew that Shikamaru wouldn't be able to think otherwise as he had seen a real bomb collar go off.

Before they could begin fighting, Kawaki decided to surrender to Jigen, fearing Jigen could kill Naruto in their battle, in exchange for no fights between him and the Seventh Hokage. As Meanwhile, Kawaki, inspired by Naruto giving a prosthetic hand to him despite it inhibiting his chakra, asked to learn After gaining a significant amount of chakra, Jigen decided to personally retrieve Kawaki and forcibly synchronised Kawaki's Kāma to make it open a portal for him, a process that alerted Boruto, and arrived on Konoha himself right in front of Kawaki as Naruto was just worried about him. Kawaki simply tells Boruto that he will send him where he sent the seventh Hokage. After being brought toKonohagakurebyTeam 7, he is taken in byNaruto Uzumakiwho raises him as his own, during which he develops a brotherly bond withBoruto Uzumakito solve the mystery ofKāma. Amado knew no method to stop Boruto's aside from killing him and confirmed Isshiki's power at it's full form, should he take over Kawaki, would be too immense for anyone to stop him and it would mean the end of the world, but stated it is still possible to kill an Ōtsutsuki, as Koji finally managed to catch Jigen off-guard by trapping him in a massive wall of natural flames he summoned from burning mountains to prevent it from being absorbed. Jigen swiftly silenced the argument, noting on how Delta had defied his orders and questioning about Koji's whereabouts. The best possibility would be that Naruto had defeated Jigen but cannot come back on his own but with him unable to contact Sasuke, they have no choice but to wait for his return and Shikamaru allowed Kawaki to remain free but refused to let him wander around as he never trusted him while they wait for Sasuke to retrieve Naruto. Kawaki (カワキ, Kawaki) is a child raised byKarato be the future vessel forIsshiki Ōtsutsukiand the key to the fulfillment of their greatest wish. At the base of Kara, Delta raged at her defeat as the other Inners mocked and made it clear that the next time they try to retrieve Kawaki, they will send in someone stronger than her. Although Jigen temporarily resisted by using Sukunahikona to shrink the flames, he did not have enough power to do so for long and soon burned to death as Amado revealed that as Kawaki's body wasn't ready to be used as Isshiki's vessel, Isshiki would have no choice but to be reborn in Jigen's body as the latter was fully ready, having completely extracted Isshiki's data while Kawaki's Kāma hadn't. Despite the virus being neutralised, Boro quickly compensated for this by using gunpowder to detonate them, managing to injure Kawaki who was shielding Naruto, as he voiced his desire to take him back as soon as possible along with Boruto to train them from scratch.
After Amado has prepared himself sufficiently, Koji uses reverse-summoning to teleport Amado to Konoha while he heads to battle Jigen, briefly being distracted by Delta but Amado easily neutralised her with a command. Boruto and Sasuke fight to protect Naruto, with Boruto even having to talk Naruto down from the first stage of his transformation into the nine-tails.

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