which of the following is an example of dangerous boat operation

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Go boldly to your wild!s the boat operator, you are fully responsible for everything that happens on the boat.Responsible boaters practice situational awareness at all times.

Doing so will ensure that you avoid the risk of personal injury, shoreline erosion and damage to personal property.

 at the last moment. Prepare your boat away from the ramp to avoid creating unnecessary delays at the launch area.
An especially hazardous condition is:The following table lists which rivers and river sections ARE OPEN to personal watercraft use.

Keep in mind what may irritate, frighten or disrupt the people around your boat.
We want to empower you to get outside by sharing with you amazing experiences and insights. Each country has their own legal requirements regarding boat operation. The Official NASBLA and Transport Canada Boating Course, Test & License.Vessels and persons engaged in diving activities are required to display flags indicating their activities.The boat from which divers are diving may display the blue and white Code Flag ‘A’ which indicates, ‘I have a diver down: keep well clear at slow speed.’ TheA red and white diving flag (carried on the top of a white buoy) marks an area where diving is in progress.

Now that you're ready for launch, approach the boat ramp and back the trailer into the water.

All other provisions of the Mandatory Boater Education Program apply, including minimum operator ages and supervision of youth. As water flows over the dam, a depression is formed. It must be signed and carried on board when operating the vessel. At 3000 RPM the boat breaks a plane and does 17.0 MPH, while it burns a mere 2.1 gallons per hour. What should the vessel operator do to avoid the risk of a collision?reduce speed to the minimum needed to stay on courseWhat should you do if you fall overboard into cold water? Peace officers observing a boat being operated on Oregon waters in an especially hazardous condition may order the operator to move to the nearest safe moorage and remain there until the condition is remedied.

The boat from which divers are diving may display the blue and white Code Flag ‘A’ which indicates, ‘I have a diver down: keep well clear at slow speed.’ The Collision Regulations Rules 18 and 27 require that all operators take early and substantial action to steer well clear of any vessel that displays a … Knots refer to the speed of the boat. Crossing a bar is one of the most dangerous boating activities. The bow is the front section of the boat, and the aft or stern is the rear. Naval vessel must the recreational vessel slow to minimum speed?what must an owner do before allowing others to operate his or her vessel?what should you do to reduce the risk of falling overboard?what should a motor boat operator do when someone is being puller into the boat from the water?What is the first action required of a boat operator who witnesses a boating accident?Which condition requires that you report a boating accident to the Alabama Marine Police Division?damage to your boat is more than 2,000$ as the result of a boating accidentUnder which condition is a person at the greatest risk of developing hypothermia?What should you do immediately if a boat motor catches on fire?shut off the fuel supply, and try to put out the fire with an extinguisherif your inboard/outboard boat runs aground, what action should you take in addition to shifting the weight away from the point of impact?Which action may cause the loss of steering ability in a PWC?According to Alabama law, what age person who has boater safety certification may operate a personal watercraft without supervisionAccording to Alabama law, during what hours is it illegal to tow a person behind a boat on water skies or other device?between one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunsetWhat should a vessel operator do to keep a proper lookout?which of the following is illegal operation of a PWC in Alabama?crossing at right angles to another vessel when visibility is unobstructedIn Alabama, what are the recommended hours for personal watercraft operation?why should a vessel operator keep a proper lookout?what should paddlers do to protect against capsizing their canoe or kayak?keep a low center of gravity and three points of contractwhat should anglers and hunters do when they are fishing or hunting from a boat?According to Alabama law, children of what age are required to wear a properly secured PFD while on a vessel unless the child is in an enclosed cabin?What should the operators of a PWC and a motorboat do when approaching head-on?from sunset to sunrise and when visibility is restrictedWhat could happen if you anchor a boat from the stern?Visibility is restricted due to fog.

Keep in mind what may irritate, frighten or disrupt the people around your boat. Naval vessel.

Always keep well away from designated swimming areas.Your boat’s wake and wash can cause damage to the shoreline by crashing against it.

With the diverse water ‘playgrounds’ that each state has to offer, exploring the underwater world is a fantastic experience!

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