why am i crying quiz

yes: no : 4: Do you feel embarrassed if you find yourself crying while watching a film or reading a book? I have been crying for ages and I cry often after school.

7 89,846 takers.

What's your reason? 1: Do you feel embarrased if you cry in public? 7 minutes or more 3 65% 7 less than 1 minute Is it the scenes when people die, or maybe when animals die. 1 (Not really)

1 (not at all) 5 8 (perfect)

Welcome to the crying quiz. 5

Why …

8 (definitely)

Who is my future husband?
yes: no : 3: Do you think men and boys should be encouraged to hide their tears? This quiz is for people who are worried they might be suffering from the symptoms of depression or are concerned that a loved-one might be depressed. Although crying is an important biological and emotional function experienced by every human, few people think about its significance.


What's your reason? 40%

4 6 3 (and get a strategy to keep it from messing up your relationships.) Add to library 153 » Discussion 297 » Follow » Share .

I know going on holiday seems fun but i hate it, I'm more into sports at school. also and share with your friends. 6 7 1 (impossible) 2

4 6 8 (I agree totally) Why are you taking this quiz? 5 6 4

6 Although crying is an important biological and emotional function experienced by every human, few people think about its significance. What's your excuse for crying?? is related to Why am I unhappy?

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