why i left keller williams

I have to be realistic at the same time. If I want to know the definition of GCI I do not ask the Kelle app, I go to Google. I would think that out of all the new horses in the race, many are starting their own cycle of decline.As an eXp agent and formerly an agent of the #1 market center in the world for KW; I don’t think that any eXp agents or the company as a whole trie’s to “stick it” to KW. KW, like any brokerage, is reliant on local leadership and culture.Claiming GK is our leader is laughable. Both are great questions. All rights reserved. Maybe his franchisees and top producing agents are sending warning sign after warning sign back to Austin, and those warning signs are being heeded.But based on what I saw yesterday, it’s hard to think that’s what’s happening.It could actually be that what we are seeing is Stage 4 of the Decline. Posted by That directly contradicts Gary Keller at Family Reunion.

That’s a lot of profit sharing which left the company in recent months, no?I don’t know and can’t say whether KW as a whole is in Stage 3 of the decline. It’s a fair point.Great observation, I don’t think Gary was given the freedom or enough time to finish what he had to say.

KW is a great company and that has been mentioned many times at various times by eXp leadership. Predictable click-bait is a fair assessment of most of the articles.It’s late. How had I not heard about this opportunity sooner? Technology is difficult. All thirty computers, phones, monitors, headsets, 23 different phone numbers for tracking marketing sources, websites, office supplies, copiers, printers, and so much more. I had a great working relationship with my OP(operating principal) and I respect her tremendously. Keller has a 70/30 commission split until you pay them $18,000 and then you get 100%. GK owned it!. I mean, Gary himself admitted as much when he talked about former KW agents now at eXp returning $1 million in profit sharing.

He was incredibly arrogant then. In my 35 years practicing real estate law, I have seen thousands of them.Gotcha. Frankly can’t wait to use such a loser product.oh… and if Lee doesn’t see your message, I’m happy to send the P&Ls of that office…odd that an agent would have access to the P&Ls from another office… that’s what happens in open books… profit share made that happen…Oh, and that very same profit share, that led to open books, that led to uniform books and the transparent transfer of data… MAYBE, just MAYBE… that gave KW an asset no one else has to lay a foundation for the use of a very large set of data…Thanks – send me his and send me yours too while you’re at it. It’s hard to listen to him make a larger mess of what should be a simple product strategy.I agree.

That was never going to happen. Management was great, my fellow employees were great. You’re creating problems to sell solutions.Most of us in active production don’t care, as long as the check cashes. Good training.

The media gives the people fake news telling them that, selling and buying a home without a real estate agent, is the future.Let’s be honest with each other.

Hey, I was a brand-new agent; I needed all the help I could get! Combine all of that with small revealing moments like, “Pretty much all the people that Inman News worships,” and “I built an innovation engine,” and “I don’t care” (when told that Glenn Sanford of eXp respects him) and so on and it is extremely difficult to avoid the overwhelming impression of (a) supreme confidence, if you’re a fan, or (b) overweening arrogance, if you are not.Is this what you want from the leader of your organization?And if this is the leader, what does that say about the organization?Quite a few companies and organizations in real estate are somewhere on this curve from hubris to capitulation, but it is difficult to discern exactly where and to find evidence of where they are.But it seems clear that Keller Williams is past the point of hubris born of success and deep into an undisciplined pursuit of more, and leaning into a denial of risk and peril.Great enterprises can become insulated by success; accumulated momentum can carry an enterprise forward for a while, even if its leaders make poor decisions or lose discipline.

Gary doesn’t do well with someone that doesn’t shown integrity and will speak his mind. This giveaway started a long time ago with NAR giving away Realtor.com and continues at break neck speed today. I’m saddened you resorted to such measure because it helps other people see your character.I trust you refrain from such measures in the future.Let’s jump into the 2nd thing I noticed in your response/2.

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