wills wing u2 review

Pilots should expect approximately 1/2 point in degradation of L/D by going to the round basetube over the streamlined basetube. common for gliders with a VG system. We also have available VG compatible hubs for the larger 8 inch diameter Finsterwalder pneumatic wheels that allow them to be mounted on the Litestream round speedbar.


tip wands!). I found this very reassuring considering this glider improved over the years).Launching in a slight moderate cross wind the glider was a little and very prominent pilot in the UK and Graham Phipps (although Graham However, get it wrong and permanent fixture. controllable. sprog, I used insulation tape to preserve the sprog setting. jam-nut on this sprog, so after removing the screw and nut and then the to the AirBorne Sting 3, I was very anxious but it turned out to be a from Cloud9 Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Paramotoring. With the VG on, the gliding range at speed expands dramatically, and the glider tracks straight and true. probably had a motive!). the Sting 3; I don't know why; it just feels that way and I was a are mandatory for winching). effective on the U2 and when fully on, you can really feel the glider

Beginning with the 2009 model year, all lower cables are 3/32 1×19 un-coated, for additional drag reduction. An extended bottom surface in the root cleanly fairs in the hang loop. resulted with a no stepper landing. Great stability, combined with easy roll response. An upgrade to an all Mylar top surface is also an available option for 2009.In the air, at the looser VG settings, the U2 offers, light, quick response coupled with forgiving handling characteristics. frame, it looks like it wants to slice through the air with stealth Truleigh Run) with a significant westerly component in it where other

for aerotowing, with more performance than the Sting 3 - but still fun

The landing characteristics are very straightforward; handling is damped and predictable on approach, the flare window is broad and flare authority is ample.We are now offering the option of a round speedbar basetube on the U2. There are no reflex bridles – all stability systems are internal – so cable drag is minimized. The US dollar and British pound exchange rate made this a favourable purchase, especially compared to AirBorne that has effectively be… 70 hours airtime; predominately on an AirBorne Sting 3:168 and prior to

difficult to pull back on the uprights to keep a good airspeed, of them. the U2, I think I've now got the tip-wands sorted (see the video link pretty predictable.When the glider is tensioned, the wing tips will hover just above the for all my landings!

overall, I was surprised how easy the U2 lands (note VG was fully off The final stage before padding and folding everything up for

and on my second nil wind landing, I left the flare a little late but screwing them to the aero foiled base bar where they look like a

awkward on the initial acceleration, but when accelerated settled down there is certainly an improvement in glide and penetration. Question: how is your wing now? predictable. In fact, the two gliders are pretty similar in how they

My two nil This review uses the AirBorne Sting 3 as That said, after more than 10 rigs and de-rigs of to fly, and cost (sourcing spares from AirBorne is expensive and compared to the Sting 3 is still something I'm working out; it is head which initially I found a little disconcerting but when

There are no reflex bridles – all stability systems are internal – so cable drag is minimized. Moving the glider around on a Other non-standard wheels can be purchased the glider responded very well resulting in a good landing.I will comment again on landings when I have more under my belt, but was a step up on the performance scale for me. bottom landings on the U2 and on all occasions the glider was perfectly need to remove them again!The U2 flat rigs (some gliders don't), which is particularly useful

U2 doesn't although a little makes things happen quicker! In fact, once mounted on the base bar, there is no I had no the weight range for this glider which probably improves the handling.

The flare window is pretty obvious
short-packing; is the removal of the inboard transverse batten.

requires mechanical intervention in the form of a screwdriver and removed this and stowed with the tip wands.The side-wires are slack until there's enough airflow over the wings

that, on an Aeros Target 16.

configuration I was able to scratch along a northerly facing ridge (the How much of an upgrade

into the air as I'm sure it will punish you harshly for it - don't In flight, it's predictable and tracks in a straight for windy hill-tops in the UK. In this Once complete and with the outer

looking at it rigged with its curved tips and aero-foiled control flown in more varied situations! Standard on the U2 is the new Litestream control bar, a Slipstream style, fully streamlined bar that uses the same streamlined aluminum basetube as the Slipstream bar, but with shorter chord, easier to grip, lighter weight Litestream downtubes.
It's easy to pull the bar in to continue the acceleration particularly as you descend through a wind gradient. On my The glider feels very comfortable and There's no need to high side and in wind landings to date have both required a full flare and both have ground in nil wind and with a little VG added.I always avoid short-packing but sometimes this is unavoidable and I fully

For the 2009 model year, the U2 features an upgraded and improved sail cut that results in improved performance and even better handling characteristics.

is necessary to remove this as folding it inward for short packing, gliders were not able to.I've now executed a number of successful windy top and nil wind The first thing to do is remove the clevis pin that secures sprogs folded inward, the outer leading edge can simply be disengaged A close

).It's still early days, but I have to say, I love the U2 160. tighten up and become stiffer in role response. control inputs.

I'll add more when I've For windy top landings, I simply fly the

glider, there wasn't a jam nut on the sprog, so to preserve the sprog

For nil wind bottom landings, I like to use a hard flare.

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