Special Call for Submissions: Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Narwhal


Now accepting submissions! In a joint effort between the Nearsighted Narwhal and Creative Colloquy we are accepting submissions of a noir/crime nature for an audio CD titled “Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Narwhal” to be released on … you guessed it Valentine’s Day.

Submissions should be approx. 700 words of a dark crime nature. Should be very theatrical, as this will be recorded for entertainment purposes. We will be accepting the top 7 stories. Once accepted, the author (if local to the Western Washington area) will be asked to record at the Narwhal. Out-of-towners will be asked to record an audio file digitally and send it in. Story may be read by actors or friends if the author so decides. Selected work from local Western Washington Artist will be featured at Creative Colloquy in print the week of Valentine’s day.

Ossain of the Narwhal will provide Folio in post-production. A few musical selections will also appear on the CD.

Featured authors will receive one CD as payment.

Tell your friends!

Submissions are to be sent to submit@creativecolloquy.com with the subject: Massacre. Submission due Jan 17th 2015