Status Post: Post-Modern Teen Spirit by Janiine Calderon de Gonzalez

Earphones in, I pause my shuffle to see
the Sound-
A repetitive turbulence of young waves
crashing wildly
Against a long reaching timeline
yawning in a ribbon of blue
But how it fails in taming
the fire flower of this bosom-
Instead delighting like honeyed words,
inspiring hormone saturated epiphanies
To me and our age of riotous, pleasure seeking, tech savvy,
cell wielding bonobos
Seemingly so separate a species as if only 98.9%
in our similarities and missing our link
so distant, in fact-
wavelengths away

Such distance, to neurons, fuels
disparaging thoughts
While sages and the learned
have made mild and lame
Our kind, boxed and neatly framed
in the convenience of statistics
Their knowing, other knowing
is simply perverse-like
Blind unintelligible miming attempting to coerce

You know this story?
You feel
the confusion, angst, and pain?
And hand to me the rigmarole
in scarlet letters and duels
where Tybalt was slain?
The only allure of couplet rhyming
is that it vaguely resembles rap
How could ancients- in togas, in loincloths with spears relate
and fill the gap
I am filled with passion
where you are ashen gray
plush as you are callused,
new where you are frayed
The trappings of adulthood
and sophistication of your step
Have made you unaccustomed
to the youth that you have left
Do not tether me with trappings
nor relate to my senses in any way
I wish to ride the wave
meant for me
Let it carry me away


Janiine resides in Washington state—which has been the highlight of her life.