Summer of Love: 1969 – 2009 by Heather Pilder Olson

Heather Pilder OlsonIt’s the Summer of Love revisited:

40 years since the original.

Have we made progress?

Or have we regressed, impressed now

With technology, getting connected

On Facebook and Twitter and can you

Tweet free love?


There is war on and we do not march for peace.

There is a recession and we don’t protest in the street.

Are we complacent?  Do we care?

Should we still wear flowers in our hair?

Can we feel free love when we don’t feel free?

Can you come talk instead of texting me?


Are we better off or just more lonely?

Bring me a higher love.

I don’t need to get high to feel

The heat you bring.

Step up your game and let me feel you in your natural state.

Expand my mind and my body and keep me up all night.

Make a wish on that star.

Take me places I’ve never been.

Tell me I’m the only one.

Tell me again.


We can still love The Doors, and Hendrix and Led;

We can still move our feet to the Grateful Dead.

But now we have hip hop and drum and bass.

The beats are much louder and in your face.

Don’t forget 1969—the year my brother was born.

I am your sister and my heart is torn.

We have to move forward.  We take our vacations.

Now we sit back and read about race relations.

We watch it on TV—we don’t have to fight.

Wake up and tune in—don’t turn out the light.


*Heather Pilder Olson is a writer and filmmaker who enjoys working on narrative and documentary projects. She recently wrote and directed the short film Date Stories, and is currently an associate producer for the documentary Gold Balls, which follows a group of 80-95 year-old tennis players in dogged pursuit of the 2014 National Championship medal. She has produced the short films Wyatt Steps Out, Convicted, and MOOO, all of which were selected for festival screenings in 2014.