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Green River Thriller (part of a memoir) By Aaron Flett

9024bwaI lived next door to the Green River Killer, and eventually befriended him, so I could turn him in for the reward. He was actually a nice guy, albeit a little strange.

As a kid growing up in the early eighties and living very near the Sea-Tac strip where most of the murders took place, I worried the Green River Killer would kill me, but my mother told me he only targeted women, and I had nothing to be afraid of.

I was safe, but I still had concerns like: what about my mom? She dropped me off at the Lewis and Clark Bowling Alley every Saturday morning for youth bowling league, he could get her there. As luck would have it my mom wasn’t a prostitute so the odds of her being a victim were low.

When I was nineteen-years old, and after the killings seemed to have stopped, my daughter Jessica was born. I moved my new family in with my mom. The Green River Killer didn’t scare her, but having a newborn in the house did. When I graduated from high school her gifts to me were things like a microwave and flat ware, so I could get out of her house permanently. My new family didn’t stay long.

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