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The Banquet of the Holy Spirit by Seattle Poet (anonymous)

The stars have sputtered into dust –
Frail points of light,
In droves devoured
By a swirling mass of black.
Orion’s arrows flit no more,
And the darkness strips the bear of his hide –
The hand of God has swept the skies of all their light,
And by his hand, the Sun and constellations die.

Yet the blood moon shines in all its garish red –
Though no sun remains to be eclipsed.
The night has disemboweled the light of day,
And its ravenous visage be drenched crimson
In the viscera of its slaughter –
Gaze you now upon the gore-stained face of God,
Peering down with a penetrating stare,
Upon frozen earth and flaming seas,
From a blackened, stellar veil
Of damned, digested souls.

As one veil descends, another be torn.
The powers that be make themselves known –
We are but fodder for the famished ancient One –
The god of Heaven and his many-headed angels
Come down to mortal planes to reap their crop,
Gorge themselves on manly flesh,
And suck out the mind and spirit,
As mollusks from a shell.

Mere repast in the maw of a hungry God,
Both saints and sinners be.
The brand of the heavenly beast
May never be removed,
For he who crafted the stars
May swiftly sweep them away,
To make way for his salivating feast.

All is in vain,
For we are swine, fowl, and cattle all.


Seattle Poet enjoys writing poems with horror, fantasy, or science fiction themes and spiritual/religious/occult-based imagery, or — in this case– Lovecraftian imagery and inspirations drawn from the anime/manga ‘Berserk’. Seattle Poet enjoys old-school epic/fantasy poems such as Coldridge’s “Mariner,” as well as rock/heavy metal lyrics. Seattle Poet’s lyrical inspirations include Geezer Butler, Leif Edling, Quorthon, Mark Shelton, and many others.