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May 18th 1980 by Carl “Papa” Palmer

DSC05411near to a year remains in my tour before the date to rotate back to the states
my family with me serving the U.S. Army in eastern Hessen West Germany

before the fall of the Berlin Wall witness white ash fallen on our blue BMW
blown across the Atlantic Ocean from Mt St Helens blowing her top in western

Washington USA over 8000 km away where we have orders for Ft Lewis Washington
wondering how far this military base is from the base of that erupting volcano covering

stubborn Harry Truman of Spirit Lake Lodge like Pompeii from Mount Vesuvius
along with other hazards we heard that had occurred in this earth quake shifting plate

region of the upper San Andreas Fault where yet another stubborn soul Tubby the three
pawed dog biting rather than abiding his would be rescuer from atop Galloping Gertie

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The Majestic by Carl Palmer

cclogoThe Triple Trey machine wheels spin to a slow stop just one numbered slot before the progressive payoff combination teasing me out of another twenty dollars for a chance to become the next instant millionaire at The Majestic, newest, all inclusive, casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Slightly concerned about finding my cash pocket empty already, I quickly forget that thought upon my visual discovery of The Majestic Cash-a-Plenty ATM with no waiting line just three rows down on the green velvet wall within sight of my red hot quarter machine.

The full figured blonde black lady wearing yellow pedal pushers and a darker yellow “I Saw Elvis” T-shirt says she’ll save my lucky seat and puffs a smoky, “Hurry Back” smile from her blue leather stool next to mine.

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